TV Recap: Toy Story That Time Forgot


Toy Story that Time Forgot is a half hour special much in the same realm as Toy Story of Terror. This one centers around Christmas, opening with the Toy Story gang being used as Santa and his crew. When Bonnie brings the crew over to a friend’s house, they enter into a world of armored toy Dino-soldiers. Trixie (the triceratops) and Rex get their fair share of kindness from the tribe.

The half hour cartoon pokes a lot of fun at other films, from Gladiator to Star Wars. However, while the brigade of fighting fossils are cool looking, no doubt, their entrance into the Toy Story saga falls a little short of being awesome enough to be interesting. Plus, their actions are characterized by a feature that we saw in the first Toy Story film, so the originality is also lost, even though its the tale of these toys is a concept which has been done before, but with new and interesting plot points.

Sadly, this special is not as good as Toy Story of Terror, which took the horror element into a category that could work for the band of toys, and even introduce characters that were fun to watch. Plus, it had Combat Carl! How could you follow that?! It’s tough for sure. While Toy Story that Time Forgot is entertaining and gorgeously animated, it fails to leave a strong enough impression in the tales of the toys to make sure it’s a consistent watch around the holidays.

Rating: 7/10