The WWE-Ek: More Off-the-air than On



Are you in a rush? Do you feel like you are rushing around, trying to prepare for something which will only last a couple of hours and then, POOF! Gone. Done and overwith, suddenly you are thrust into the next crazy planning stages of a major event.

Welcome to WWE.

In just two weeks we have WWE Tables, Ladders, Chairs (and Stairs!). I am not making that inserted part up.

At least a few feuds have been brewing. Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt take their ongoing battle to the next level in a TLC match. Keep in mind, this is supposed to be the main event. Don’t buy any of the “injury” angle with Ambrose having his neck thrashed with a chair this past week, it is all storyline and it did what it was supposed to do. Make us think we could potentially lose our main event for TLC, pouring on more hate towards Bray Wyatt, although the hate is more like love since this is the best feud going into TLC.

While Kane and Ryback have only begun their feud, they will face each other in a Chairs Match, John Cena up against Seth Rollins in a Tables Match, and Erick Rowan vs. the Big Show in a Stairs Match. I have no idea what WWE has up their sleeves for this one. But I imagine it will involve the ring stairs.

The stipulation between Cena and Rollins, is if Cena loses, he is no longer the challenger to the WWE Championship, currently held by Brock Lesnar. I’m not going to bother with the whole “not being on TV” thing, because quite frankly Paul Heyman keeps us hating Lesnar so well, the former UFC champ never has to show his face. I wonder though, would WWE really script Cena to lose and Rollins to challenge Lesnar? Talk about becoming Roadkill…

With the exception of Cena/Rollins and Ambrose/Wyatt, the other “gimmick” matches lack depth and only serve to fill up a mediocre show. I’d rather see Jack Swagger vs. Alexander Rusev again, and that is not a slight at all. Their first feud was great to watch, forget the promos, it was the wrestling which mattered. This time Rusev has the United States Championship. It is a classic go-to in wrestling, putting the strap on a foreign heel.

I’d rather see Cesaro tear up the mat with anyone, even Zack Ryder.

What does entertain me is the continuing angle with Miz and Mizdow. So far I’ve called it right. Miz and Mizdow became tag champs at the last major event, and Mr. Damien Mizdow even carries with him toy titles. Eventually they will split, whether now or in eight months, because this is WWE, and tag teams don’t last forever. Please, I bet in the future even the Usos will split. Trust me.

The real action took place this past week on RAW, with a live podcast with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon. The hype lived up to expectations, as, regardless planned or not, some major hammers were dropped. CM Punk was a hot issue, as well as the alleged message Vince sent to the locker room. Vince stated regretting how events with CM Punk unfolded, and wished they could have come to an agreement. From my keyboard, both parties could have tried, but Punk burned out and he was left with no choice but to go home. Hell, a Staph infection? Concussion? These rumors were confirmed when just days earlier, CM Punk blasted WWE on Colt Cabana’s podcast which certainly put pressure on WWE to play clean. Vince played cool on the concussion and medical situations, smart, because if Vince did not know how serious it was, he better not play it up or down. Considering concussions is one of the major problems WWE got in trouble with, Punk’s statements are damn scary. Again, I don’t blame Punk for why he left, however I truly believe if he wanted to work something out with WWE, it could have happened. Although, it seemed on WWE’s end was an unwillingness to negotiate.

Hell, it’s back and forth. At this point, Punk is healthier now. Look at him. In his final months at WWE, he looked like a wreck. Even my wife pointed out he looked skinnier and had not slept I days. The guy was obviously sick, and the workhorse that he is, did not tap out until absolutely necessary.  Find the podcast and listen. It’s worth it.

Hey! TNA has some steam again. Kurt Angle has re-signed with the compay, and Impact Wrestling has found a home with Discovery Communications, owner of the Destination America network. Solid move with a solid deal behind it. Just when one would have thought Impact Wrestling was in trouble, they bounce back. I really hope this gives the folks running the show a clear head to plan out some solid programming. As much as I am skeptical with the promotion, I have always said they have a solid roster to put on some great wrestling. My only wish is that they stop recycling WWE gimmicks and just focus on putting on a good show. Too much drama is not best for business.

El Rey continues to show Lucha Underground. If you have not seen the show, try to find episodes online. I do. I have not seen everything which has already aired, but it’s a great show and the wrestling is phenomenal.

I don’t have much else on the platter for this week. If anything, I’d keep eyes and ears out for news from WWE on how they respond to CM Punk, if they respond at all.