Monthly Pop 5: TV Shows


January is always an exciting time for the television season. It’s during this month that almost every show that premiered in the fall returns for another chunk of episodes. The fact that mid-season finales are even a thing is pretty bizarre, but they’ve become such a part of the year that all programs boast them now. They serve a practical purpose too. The holiday season is notably terrible for television and it’s much more beneficial to air new episodes when people are actually available than when they’re spending time with family. The return to normal, everyday life comes with a resurgence of television programs, giving fans something to look forward to for the first time in weeks. In a brand new monthly segment, five television writers came together to outline their favorite programs of the past month. Some carried over from the fall, others premiered this year, all were highly enjoyable.

This is the Monthly Pop 5: TV Shows for January 2015.

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