Mad Bracket Status Podcast – Craziest Captain Round 4


Mad Bracket Status, Episode 77 – Craziest Captain Round 4

“Thar he blows! We bring on friend of the show Chris Diggins to analyze the Elite Eight round of our Craziest Captain bracket. We determine the Final Four with a winner from the Space, Hero, Sea, and Other divisions.

We also get a chance to talk with Tavit from King Post Games, the creators of Moby Dick or The Card Game. He schools us on why Captain Ahab should win the entire competition. Plus look for a cameo from Pop-Break and News Over Brews’ Lucas P. Jones.

We take a look at some of our prospective future brackets and plug a million things at the end. Classic Mad Bracket Status.

Vote on the Final Four in the Craziest Captain bracket at all week long!”


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