Album River: Sisqó, ‘The Last Dragon’


The Great Stone Dragon has finally awoken from his slumber and finished a long-awaited musical trilogy. No, we’re not talking about the Fa family’s protector, but the mastermind behind “Thong Song,” Sisqó.

We left off with Mark Andrews in 2001 with of Return of the Dragon. Fourteen years later we finally catch up with him and receive the last installment of his fire-breathing journey. Ideally, Sisqó could have released Last Dragon in 2012 under the Chinese zodiac’s Year of the Dragon, but he wasn’t ready to present the album just yet. 2015 seemed like the right time for Sisqó, but was it good timing for the world?

Last Dragon has leaked a few teasers like ‘A-List’ ft. Waka Flocka Flame, ‘Lips’ and ‘L.G.D.T.’ in fall of last year. Sisqó’s latest has a residue of Y2K that slowly upgrades to today’s sound off the backs of musical legends like Marvin Gaye. Sisqó claims his music and style is before its time, and it would be if it was released at least seven years ago. Some of the tracks are a bit aged. Maybe its because Sisqo ruled most of the late ’90s into early ’00s R&B with his raspy, sweetly strained vocals that he can be pinned to an era.

The only tracks that can stand the test of time and trends are ‘Round & Round’, ‘Lips’, and ‘Ipologize.’ The rest of the album shows Sisqó’s ear for what’s hot now and what was hot then.

It’s good to see Sisqó finally release this album and take the stage once again. ‘Last Dragon’ has some good R&B fixes but I’m looking for the Sisqó that’s been fully dusted off.

Rating: 5 out of 10

Sisqó ‘s Last Dragon is available on iTunes or Amazon

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