The WWE-Ek: Light at the end of the tunnel?


Roman Reigns is main eventing WrestleMania.

I actually want to watch. They have gone as far as to put Reigns over Daniel Bryan at the last pay-per-view, WWE Fast Lane to tell the fans they have faith in him. Do I believe Reigns can carry a WrestleMania main event? I don’t know. This is uncharted territory for the former Shield strongman. Brock Lesnar has worked with big guys before. Can Reigns take one or a dozen of his German Suplexes? We will find out.

What really bothers me is how WWE is treating Wade Barrett right now. I get the gimmick, Dean Ambrose is playing mind games with him. But now R-Truth and Dolph Ziggler are getting in on the joke. Now it’s not mind games, it is showing how much of a buffoon they are turning Barrett into. “I want my belt!” “Give me my belt back!” Seriously? The guy had a great gimmick going and once again, the curse of the Intercontinental Championship strikes again, on Barrett, again! I also cannot believe they are going to take the Fatal Four Way route with Ziggler and Truth thrown into the mix. Ziggler at this point deserves better, but the reality of the situation is WWE has nothing else for him to do. I am just shocked R-Truth somehow earned a spot in all of this. Wade Barrett is back as a championship Barry Horowitz. The only way I am able to digest any of this, is the recent reveal Bad News Barrett will defend the championship in a Ladder Match at WrestleMania. This I can get behind, because it is a ladder match, and while not a “Money in the Bank” scenario, it still guarantees a great match if Ziggler, Ambrose, Barrett, and even Truth are all involved.

What will Daniel Bryan do at this point? Face Kane?

Seth Rollins, Big Show, and Kane have faced off with Ziggler, Erick Rowan, and Ryback a dozen times already, but with Ziggler now in the title hunt, is this where Daniel Bryan goes?

Big news, the Bushwhackers being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Now that’s just awesome.

Bigger news, Triple H and Sting are colliding at WrestleMania. I would not be surprised if this is Sting’s one and only official match in WWE. What is funnier is there is a good chance they were in the same ring together in WCW back in the early 90’s.

Biggest news: Bray Wyatt versus the Undertaker. I don’t even know where to begin. The angle is that the deadman is now “a mere mortal.” Ouch. True though. The Streak is over. Does this mean the Undertaker is now fallible? Could this year be 21 and 2? I just worry about the guy’s health. The past, what, three years in a row he had to go to the hospital after his Mania match, with last year he had to go before the show was even over? I worry for the gimmick and for the guy’s damn health.

I will leave you all with something interesting about NXT. In the past two weeks we saw Rhyno and Brian Kendrick return to action in an NXT ring. So what happens next? posts a column about who else should return to NXT, and their list is very intriguing…

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