TV Recap: Dig, ‘Meet the Rosenbergs’

Written by Marley Ghizzone


Meet the Rosenbergs Plot Summary

Peter (Jason Isaacs) and Cohen (Ori Pfeffer) continue their investigation into Khalid (Omar Metwally) and the death of Emma (Alison Sudol). They use clues from the diary that Peter previously stole from Emma’s house which leads them to the Jerusalem Heritage Center.

Before we begins, let’s have a quick recap of where all of our characters are. First we have Peter, who is no longer a murder suspect just because I guess, and Detective Cohen is chasing down leads in Jerusalem. They are really blowing this whole case open thanks to Peter creepily hanging out in Emma’s house alone.

Photo Credi: Virginia Sherwood/USA Network
Photo Credi: Virginia Sherwood/USA Network

Our cow is on a boat. Everyone on the boat is mean and scary. The cow’s handler gets beaten up but just as he is about to give up, one of the guys brings him food. I am still not clear on why but I think we are supposed to believe in a higher power.

Khalid kills a guy to retrieve the last stone for the high priest breastplate. The murder was all for naught, though, because the stone was fake. Ambassador Ruth Ridell (Regina Taylor) is not entertained. She has a lot on the line, if you must know.

Debbie (Lauren Ambrose) takes out Fay (Angela Bettis) but still walks directly into a trap in New Mexico. Also Josh (Zen McGrath) 2 is not as nice as Josh (McGrath) 1. Josh 2 is a psychopath, so there goes my two favorite characters. Alright, recap over.

Recaps and reviews are differently things. I understand that on a spiritual level. However, this show needs a recap because so much is going on all the time. If the writers of Dig knew how to balance a story then a recap wouldn’t be intrinsically necessary for the review. Would we still be confused? Yes obviously, it’s a mystery conspiracy show. The difference though, would be that we would also know what is going on through our confusion. What Dig is right now is just confusion, on top of plot devices, wrapped in attempted banter.

Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs/USA Network
Photo Credit: Lewis Jacobs/USA Network

‘Meet the Rosenbergs’ is keeping up the tradition of jumping storyline to storyline with no rhyme or reason. But this week added a new fun twist, vague humor. It added an new, unnecessary level of discomfort that no one asked for. So we hop from the cow on the boat with mean foreign men, to Debbie in a diner in New Mexico. In the diner a waitress is drying her armpits with a fan. Why is that the next thing we see after the boat? Why?

‘Meet the Rosenbergs’ also attempted at creating a zany, buddy cop vibe between Peter and Cohen. It isn’t working. Their characters and their dynamic together does not gel. It isn’t hilarious. Their scenes together highlight the robotic delivery of the clunky dialogue the two share. I visibly cringed at the “Yeah, we are an old married couple” joke thing. Stay in your lane.

What is the point of watching this show? What are the stakes? What is happening? I honestly don’t think that anyone in the known universe can answer those questions. The writers of Dig need to learn a balance between keeping the audience in the dark and letting us in on the secret. Because right now I am as interested in this as I am when a small child taunts me with a secret. I know it’s not important and if I act like I care, it’s all for their benefit.

Rating: 2 out of 10

Dig airs Thursday nights on USA.


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