Bold Box Office Predictions: April 3-6, 2015


Bold Box Office Predictions: April 3-April 6, 2015

Notable Openings This Weekend: Furious 7


Other than the Pirates of the Caribbean and Transformers (although I did like the last one) franchises, nothing drives me up the wall more than the Fast and Furious series.  It pisses me off that a movie with such stupidity and horrible acting gets a pass because of how low the bar is set.  It’s maddening that Furious 7 will probably get a higher critical rating than Interstellar.  Ugh.  We’re rewarding a movie for “Oh, it’s just stupid fun.”  Yes, I enjoy stupid movies as well.  I love Armageddon and Independence Day.  But in my opinion, those movies have a certain charm and good acting.  The Fast and Furious movies have cars being dropped out of planes and Vin Diesel, who I’m sorry, is not a strong actor.  I’m in the minority though, because Furious 7 latches onto the current film culture of wanting more fun blockbusters as opposed to the serious and gritty ones, so whatever.  I’ll get off my soapbox though and stop ruining everybody’s fun, because you’re here for box office predictions!

Let’s get this over with.  Furious 7 – it’s going to do very well.  There’s no competition, and these movies keep getting stronger and stronger financially.  Unfortunately, the tragic death of Paul Walker will also garner curiosity.  People will want to see his last effort, and also just to see how they get around his character in limited screen time.  Bottom-line: We’ll be getting Fast and Furious 8, 9, and probably 10.  It is what it is.


I know a lot of people are excited for this movie, so I guess good for them.  When I sit down to look at the box office this weekend, I’ll be pretty sad to see the absurd amount of money Furious 7 will pull in.  This has been a depressing Box Office Predictions, so let’s just end it.

1. Furious 7 — $104 Million

2. Home — $29.5 Million

3. Get Hard — $17.5 Million

4. Insurgent: The Divergent Series – $12 Million

5. Cinderella — $10 Million

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Daniel Cohen is the hard-boiled Film Editor for the Pop Break. Besides reviews, Daniel writes box office predictions, Gotham reviews and Oscar coverage. He can also be found on the Breakcast. If Daniel was sprayed by Scarecrow’s fear toxin, it would be watching Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on a non-stop loop.