The WWE-Ek: Taking a Week Off


I had no idea what to write about this week. So I decided to take a different direction and talk about something exciting.

As many of you recall, I once worked at WWE. While there, I worked with Brian Solomon, one of the editors of the many publications WWE once produced. Not only that, but Mr. Solomon was the source of the company’s historical knowledge of wrestling. I might be exaggerating. I might not.

I don’t just mean WWE, and I do not only mean “sports-entertainment” or the “wrestling industry.”

I mean, all of it. There are those self-proclaimed “true fans” who claim to have knowledge of George Hackenschmidt and Haystacks Calhoun just because they found a YouTube clip and downloaded it onto their computer. However, there are those who know the history because of research, study, and an appreciation of what came before Vince McMahon (Jr.) and Ted Turner. Those are a rare breed. Coming soon to Pop-Break, will be a review of The Pro Wrestling FAQ: All That’s Left to Know About the World’s Most Entertaining Spectacle. I love the title.

Moving outside of my usual forum, this week let’s talk about Global Force Wrestling and Impact Wrestling. Jeff Jarrett has finally announced some taping dates for GFW, taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Taping assumes it will be broadcast at some point, which ought to be entertaining to see how it goes. Will it fly or will it flop? If you look at the roster, it seems to show promise, but then again we have seen other companies with great rosters turn to dust. I hold faith GFW can reach some form of success. Jeff Jarrett seems to be channeling the old-school NWA mentality of partnering with different promoters, however tackling it with a modern-era mentality, or so we hope.

Over in TNA-Land, the internet is sort of paying attention to some discrepancies with the paychecks to the talent. I think this is nuts. Impact Wrestling is turning around so let’s not try to kick sand when it is not necessary. Kurt Angle is the champ, and the Hardyz have recently claimed the Tag Team Championships in an Ultimate X match. Eric Young is main eventing, so what’s the problem?

The problem are people, myself included who have crapped on Impact for so long, we’ve actually forgotten how good it could be. I have to watch online because I don’t get Destination America. Lately there are all these hashtags to give “something” a chance. Well, give GFW a chance. Give TNA/Impact a chance. Give WRESTLING a chance.