#10from24west : The April Edition


#10from24west : The April Edition

In case you don’t have any Facebook friends in the northeastern US, its been cold as f*ck in New York City for the past six months or so. FINALLY, we’re starting to defrost up here and a lot of the music coming out is reflecting that change in weather. Even if some of the artists have been spoiled in sunny SoCal for the past few months anyways.

Here 10 fun looks at what’s happening with our clients at 24west!

Outasight Welcomes Us To “The Wild Life” – Outasight undoubtedly put together the first full-fledged summer anthem of the year with the “The Wild Life.” If you have any doubt that the validity of the 70’s funk-inspired track is the perfect starter piece for your summer soundstrack, just know that Bud Light Lime tapped it for the featured track in their new summer campaign. Nothing says summer like Bud Light Lime…other than, you know, Corona.

In case you missed the Billboard premiere of the new Outasight summer anthem “The Wild Life” earlier this week you can also check it out in the new commercial for Bud Light Lime. #thewildlifeAlso here’s the full track –> https://soundcloud.com/iamoutasight/outasight-the-wild-life

Posted by 24West on Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tyler Lyle Premieres Pristine New Single “Winter Is For Kierkegaard” – Okay, so I’m sure the last thing you want to hear as the weather heats up is a song with “Winter” in the title. Still, this is the one exception where its worth clicking play despite the weather implications of the title. The rollicking, uplifting anthem is the perfect auditory accompaniment to a long, open road adventure this summer.

San Fermin Potentially Gives Us the Album of The Year – Very rarely do I say this, but San Fermin’s sophomore album “Jackrabbit” is my early candidate for album of the year. It’s innovative, thoughtfully arranged and chock-full-of huge sing-along choruses. Maybe I’m biased, but if you don’t give this album a spin and then proceed to complain about how ‘today’s music just ain’t as good as it used to be’, we’re not friends anymore.

Bop English Puts Out A Record As Good As San Fermin’s – If you weren’t already claiming a hometeam bias with the aforementioned San Fermin review, I’m sure you’re now certain I’m trying to pitch you. But if I were swindling snake oil here why would “Constant Bop” get perfect scores from both The Guardian and The Independent. Truth of the matter is I just happen to be lucky enough to work two f*cking amazing records that came out a week apart this month. The best part is I now get to share them with you!

Stein Sang Premiere Beautiful Visual for “House of Sticks” – Stein Sang has finally premiered the video for the title track of their debut EP. We can say with no uncertainty that the visual was well worth the wait. One of the defining characteristics of Stein Sang as a project is their painstaking attention to detail that allows them to perfectly marry intricate, ethereal arrangements with massive, often heart-warming infectious hooks. The video for “House of Sticks”, written and directed by Phillip Gadrow, expertly accentuates the otherworldly beauty and open arrangements of the track. The result is one of the finest moments in creative collaboration, when two artists of different mediums genuinely connect on the core meaning of a piece of work.

Cold Shoulders Drop Awesome Debut EP – The Cold Shoulders dudes are poised for a huge second half of the year. As infectiously good as The Ready Set was, the Cold Shoulders project really exhibits how much more mature of a songwriter Jordan Witzigreuter has developed into. It also doesn’t hurt that his comrades-in-arms for Cold Shoulders, Jared Ryan Maldonado of Dresses and Trevor Dahl of Plug In Stereo, also happen to be tremendously talented!

SWIMM – The Wild Honey Pie are doing some amazing things these days with their video content. SWIMM really maximized the potential of the WHP Buzz Session with their recent collaboration. SWIMM is a really special band that, as good as they are on record, really have to be enjoyed in a live setting to truly appreciate. This video does a damn good job at helping to get that point across.

Carrousel Debut First Single– We’ve been really lucky with getting onboard early with up-and-coming LA bands as of late (i.e – SWIMM, Mexico City Blondes, Say Say, Topher Mohr). Carrousel is yet another example of why Los Angeles might have the best indie rock scene in the world right now. And you know how much it pains me to say that as a New Yorker.

Ex Cops Kill it on Huff Post A-Sides – It doesn’t matter how good the crew is, if a full on rock band doesn’t commit to the ‘performance’ aspect of an acoustic session it’s going to come out blahhhh. That being said, Amalie and Brian really know how to make the most of a stripped down session. The result is possibly our favorite Huff Post A-Side ever!

Fort Lean Cover “St. Vincent” – If you’re going to cover any St. Vincent song it better be damn good. Fort Lean pulled off a cover of “Prince Johnny” masterfully and they do it in a dark West Village haunt in the middle of winter. Then again, that’s probably the best time/place in the world to cover St. Vincent.

Mexico City Blondes Release “Watery Dreams” – I really couldn’t describe this track better than Adrian Maseda of All Things Go Music did in the premiere so I’m just going to leave it to him. “Sounds a bit like the musical equivalent of watercolor painting; smooth instrumental brushstrokes, softened vocal edges, and a muted feel throughout the track.”

Wonderful Humans (Juno Ray Remix) – I figured this would be the perfect way to cap off this #10from24west column being that the 24th falls on a Friday this month. You would be hard-pressed to find a more addictive hook than that of “Just What I Needed” by Wonderful Humans. On this remix, Juno Ray sends that hook into hyperdrive. As we’ve seen on Juno Ray’s previous Nu Disco incarnations of Mansions on the Moon, David Bowie & Queen, Yelle and the Plain White T’s classics, the Korean-born electronic artist is well equipped to up the ante on some already amazing pop hits.

– Rich Nardo, Partner @ 24west.
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