Frank Miller Returns To Batman With ‘The Dark Knight III: The Master Race’


The Dark Knight Returns Returns

It has been a big month for Batman. First we learned the identity of the new robo-Batman in the post convergence DC Comics. Second we got our first looks at Bat-fleck in the Batman v Superman teaser. Now we know we have more news on the comic front.

According to a recent tweet by the man himself, Frank Miller will be returning to finish the third piece the critically acclaimed Dark Knight Returns trilogy entitled The Dark Knight III: The Master Race. The series will run in late fall and will be eight issues long. “Batman remains my favorite comic book hero and a sequel to Dark Knight is going to be daunting,” said Miller, “but we’ll do our best.” Miller has been working with writer Brian Azzarello to produce the story. According to Azzarello, “It’s been an amazing experience collaborating with Frank these past six months. I think we have an epic story that these characters truly deserve.”

Details about the story are still unclear at this point. The original Dark Knight Returns is one of the most well known graphic novels of all time. It features an retired Bruce Wayne returning to the mantle to battle an army of mutants, a revitalized Joker, and most notably Superman. The premise for the Batman v Superman movie is heavily based on the Dark Knight Returns. The DK3 image tweeted by Miller today featured Batman with a bloody glove and a Superman logo painted in blood so perhaps Bruce finishes the job he started in The Dark Knight Returns. It seems likely that the story will feature Kryptonians since they are as close as the DC comics come to a “master race”.

It is worth noting that this is not the first sequel to the Dark Knight Returns. There was also a follow up called The Dark Knight Strikes Again which featured Batman and other superheroes rising up against a Luthor led dictatorship, but it wasn’t as well received as the original. Hopefully this new entry will close up the saga nicely.
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Matthew Nando Kelly is the cool and tough Managing Editor of Pop Break who was allowed to write his own bio. Besides weekly Flash recaps, he has a podcast called Mad Bracket Status where he makes pop culture brackets with fellow writer DJ Chapman.