WWE Network Recap: King of the Ring


The King of the Ring starts off with a bang as Adrian Neville picks up the shocking win over Sheamus, thanks with a distraction by Dolph Ziggler. Sheamus owned the match until Ziggles got his revenge from last night, allowing Neville to crack Sheamus in the head and then with the Red Arrow. Post match, Ziggler and Sheamus brawled, and something goes horribly wrong, Sheamus winds up with a busted eye socket and is crying blood.

Backstage: Renee Young interviews Wade Barrett, who believes they might as well just award him the title. On the other side, Byron Saxton interviews R-Turth, who is very concerned about spiders, and plans on building a castle with a drawbridge, however is uncertain of having a moat due to water spiders.

In the ring, Barrett and Truth duke it out, however Barrett surprised Truth with an “Outta Nowhere” Bull Hammer, taking the quick victory.

We are informed of the passing of Verne Gagne, patriarch of the AWA and one of the greatest promoters and wrestlers in the industry. We get a very nice video package featuring just some of the highlights.

We get some more WWE Network promos before the match.


King of the Ring Tournament Finals – Wade Barrett vs. Adrian Neville

Great match with Neville pulling out some high fliers and even a standing German Suplex. Barrett hit a number of his signatures for numerous near falls. During the match, Neville bridged over Barrett and it looked like the ref’s hand hit the three count but it was so close to even confuse the announce team. Neville went for Red Arrow, however Barrett dodges and rolls out, as Neville quickly recovers. Neville charges the corner and eats a Bull Hammer! Ref counts three and we have a new King of the Ring!

Winner: Wade Barrett

Well, this gets interesting. The former multi-time Intercontinental Champion is now the King of the Ring. The guy has been on a massive losing streak, so this was certainly a surprise. The big question is, where does Barrett go from here? Will he be a joke, or now taken seriously?