#10From24west: May Edition


#10From24west: May Edition

Guys, its just about summer! That means its time for the beach, bbq, and a hell of a lot of Vacationer returning to my everyday listening rotation.
In addition to Vacationer, we’ve got a lot of other clients making prettyyyy sweet summer tunage this month. Here are 10 new things from the 24west family that came out in May.

Alex Winston Releases “Careless” – I dare you to not get this song stuck in your head. “Careless” may not be your typical summer anthem, but its going to undoubtedly be one of the bigger songs to come out this summer. Catch Alex on tour with Neon Trees next month and get stoked for her new album due out later this year!

Topher Mohr Is Back with “Keep It Coming” – Baeble music called “Keep It Coming” “Hall & Oates meets Tom Petty with a touch of Dispatch”. I’d say they hit the nail on the head with that description. Topher’s first release of 2015 brings back the vintage funk that put him on the map in 2014. The former Wu-affiliate is putting out a new album in June. You should pre-order it meow!

The Debut Track From Emmi Is Finally Out! – Not going to lie I was still nursing a mean hangover when I got to work on Tuesday. If it wasn’t for “My Kinda Swag” by Emmi, I probably would have just napped under my desk a la’ George Costanza for the day. Piano driven, HUGE hook and really cool arrangements…prettyyyy sure this is going to be a big one!

Custom San Fermin “Jackrabbit” Blend – Every once in a while we get to work on a super exciting initiative for one of our bands. As a coffee fiend, getting to arrange for Anchorhead Coffee to make a custom “Jackrabbit” blend in celebration of the new San Fermin record was awesome! You can pick up your bag of “Jackrabbit” from the band on tour this summer and make sure to grab the record too!

We’re really stoked to have partnered with our friends at Anchorhead Coffee for a custom San Fermin “Jackrabbit” coffee blend. You can pick up your bag from the band on the road this summer!

Posted by 24West on Friday, May 22, 2015

Sneakout Rescues Arena Rock – For a guy that makes fuzz rock, Sneakout really stepped up the volume on his newest single “Savior”. With a voice that resembled a reverb-y Ozzy in his prime and a huge chorus carried by cannon-esque drums and a wall of fuzzed out guitars, Sneakout seems destined for the arena circuit with this one.

I Love Wonderful Humans, “Don’t You”? Yeah that was terrible but I’m a sucker for a car crash of a pun. That being said the new single “Don’t You” by Wonderful Humans is the perfect song to kick off any weekend or even (dare I say it) the summer as a whole. This one will definitely anchor a lot of my cookout playlists over the next few months!

Fort Lean Drop Another big-time BK Rock Anthem – There aren’t very many bands that more exemplify what I consider the classic Brooklyn sound than Fort Lean. It’s garage rock at its best. Perfected in bars and blasted in sold out venues, Fort Lean have a sound you definitely won’t regret giving a listen to. Check out their latest track “Small Hobbies” that premiered with FADER.

Vinnie Ferra Takes Us “Behind The Scenes” – Vinnie Ferra is one of those artists that you can just feel is on the cusp. As Diffuser puts it “Behind The Scenes” captures the many sides of Ferra’s vast talents, from his poignant lyrics to the track’s beautiful and dynamic musical arrangements (complete with a haunting violin solo).

Afternoon Edition Throw It Back with “Canyon Lights” – “Canyon Lights” conjures up images of cruising a long open road with your best friend and the top down…circa 1968. There’s something inherently “American dream” about these guys. They wear their influences on their sleeve with this track, calling to mind the Byrds, The Band & Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. On a more modern take, if you dig Dawes this might be your new favorite band.

Cold Shoulders Take Us on A Bike Tour of Philly in “Wasting Away” Video – I’m not exaggerating when I say that the Drexel University music business program is one of the most underrated in the country. Apparently their film school isn’t half bad either. Cold Shoulders made a smart decision entrusting their EP to Mad Dragon Records, and this video is further proof of that!

– Rich Nardo, Partner @ 24west.
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