Method Man Goes in “Meth Lab” for New Single, Album

Written By:Keshav Pandya

Method Man is inspired by Breaking Bad for his latest album.
Method Man is inspired by Breaking Bad for his latest album.

The founding member of legendary hip-hop group, the Wu-Tang Clan, Method Man announced his newest album after five years titled, Meth Lab will release on August 21.

His fascination with the classic TV series, Breaking Bad, influenced him in making the hip-hop album.

The album trailer, itself, depicting a scene where Jesse Pinkman and Walter White are busted by the cops, shows the heavy influence of Breaking Bad in Method Man’s new album.

“I mean, honestly, it was a no-brainer. My next album is going to be called Crystal Meth,” Method Man said in an interview by “A lot of times when we write our rhymes, we make references to pop culture, and that’s definitely a big part of pop culture now. It’s probably going to go down as one of the best shows in television history. Why not make that comparison to what we’re trying to do.”

Method Man’s Meth Lab is a platform for the low-key artists from Staten to bring about their talents, and best of all, made completely in Method Man’s style and studio.

Album cover for Method Man's latest,  "Meth Lab"
Album cover for Method Man’s latest, “Meth Lab”

“Bottom line is there’s a lot more talent to be heard from Staten Island outside of Wu Tang artists and these kids are dope. I wanted to just give them a platform to be heard,” Method Man said in an interview by “I’m on every song, but I’m not exactly on any songs by myself, with the exception of one.”

Method Man’s well-known acting career like as Cheese from the acclaimed TV series, The Wire, or as Silas from How High, made it obvious for him to be attracted to the brilliant acting performances and storyline of Breaking Bad.

Method Man sees the Meth Lab as a reference to not just a place to create drugs, but also a metaphor for the studio.

“Crystal meth is reference not necessarily to the drug, but to me. Being beyond gold–I love that reference,” Method Man said. “The thing you do before you get the crystal meth is bring it the meth lab, of course, to get everything right.”

Along with the Meth Lab, Method Man hopes to also release Crystal Meth, and also a final album where he can collaborate with other hip-hop stars soon.

You can purchase, the single ‘Meth Lab’ on iTunes.

You can stream it on Noisey.


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