Airboy #1 Review

Written by Ryan Demarco


When struggling comic writer James Robinson is asked to reboot a classical “Golden Age” comic character Airboy, he feels that he has nothing to offer and is only doing it for the high paycheck. Feeling that his best days of writing is behind him, James recruits an “artsy” Greg Hinkle to be his artist for the new series, but where do they start?

Stuck with writers block the two go out in order to get inspiration and what starts out with a drink at the bar turns into a night of debauchery and them some!


In what certainly turned out to be a pleasant surprise, Airboy has a very dark sense of humor while littered with nice bits of wisdom throughout. During the night of sex, drugs, adultery, and horse tranquilizers our characters begin to bond and finally get somewhere with their project.

Together writer James Robinson and Artist Greg Hinkle really hit the nail on the head by approaching this series differently by making themselves the two main characters giving the reader great insight on the comic book industry, how it works, and the pitfalls of creating something new for fans.

You can tell Robinson and Hinkle had a blast making this. Airboy is nothing short of remarkable in the first entry of what looks to be an instant classic.

Rating: 9.5/10

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