Archie #666 Review

Written by Marley Ghizzone


After receiving his 666 detention for running in the halls, Archie is on track for expulsion unless he can clean up the mess he made.

What an fun, evil time for the creators of Archie. However, besides Mr. Weatherbee, Archie’s last issue was anything but evil. After getting yet another detention, his 666th to be exact, Archie is almost certainly going to be expelled.

Though he would only be moving to Central High, his friends are despondent. His teachers and friends recount all the times Archie had messed up but soon realize all he ever tries to do is help. No one wants to see Archie get expelled so everyone bands together to help him clean and repaint the hallway before Mr. Weatherbee’s deadline.


The last issue of Archie was a cute end to a long-winded series. It recapped the basic theme of all Archie comics, the good intentions of a clumsy teenaged boy gone wrong, with recounts to the (mis)adventures he has had throughout the years.

It was heartfelt and funny, something fans of the comics will enjoy. Through flashback stories Archie #666 nods to what came before, closing this chapter of Archie while opening the door for the reboot.

Though I am not a connoisseur of Archie comics, I felt this last issue was a good representation of what the old Archie was. It gave a broad stroke to the basics of the comic so new readers have an understanding of the characters while the flashbacks infused the last issue with nostalgia for diehard fans.

Rating: 8/10

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