Recap: Sense8, ‘The Limbic Responses’ (Netflix)

Written by Marley Ghizzone


Sense8 Plot Summary:

A group of strangers all over the world find themselves connected in an unlikely and seemingly impossible way. They don’t yet know what is causing the link, or are even fully aware of the dreams and “hallucinations” they’ve been experiencing.

Thank you for being you, Netflix. You really are the whole package- current shows, syndicated shows, cancelled shows, original content. It’s everything anyone could ever ask for and I, therefore, am eternally grateful.

Photo Credit: Murray Close/Netflix.
Photo Credit: Murray Close/Netflix.

Netflix has been producing a ton of original content as of late and most have been on the stellar side. Sense8 seems, from this first episode, ready to be add to the list of successes. The Wachowski’s, best known for The Matrix series, have created a science fiction conspiracy that easily intrigues viewers.

Nothing whatsoever is clear yet. Who was the woman who shot herself? For that matter, who was anybody in the beginning scenes? Why did she shoot herself? The list of questions could go on. For certain, we know that eight people from different places around the world are somehow connected. We can also assume that Riley (Tuppence Middleton) is the central link because she has been the only one to fully transport (mentally, I think) to where the others are.

The other information we are given is personal; jobs, family, interests, hobbies. However, since the idea is strong and the pacing well thought out the lack of information is not noticed. The show does not rely solely on its plot, establishing interesting characters who are well sketched out and very diverse.

I really enjoy all the characters and think the actors bring a lot to the table. All of the backstories and histories of all the characters are interesting and well developed. But my favorites are split between Kala, the restless bride-to-be in Mumbai, and Sun, the belittled corporate worker, from Seoul. They have more to them than meets the eye.

Photo Credit: Murray Close/Netflix.
Photo Credit: Murray Close/Netflix.

I don’t believe Sense8 is going to become a sensation like Orange is the New Black. Though it is well written, directed, and produced it does not have the same ability to appeal to the masses. Another issue, though, is that the dialogue is not the best. It isn’t horrible but it is a far cry from natural.

Sense8 feels like it could accrue a cult following of science fiction fans, but only time will tell. For now I think Sense8 is an enjoyable show. The characters are strong, the dialogue is weak, and the plot is well mapped. It has potential, and it is bingeable because all thirteen episodes are currently available, which is always a plus in my book.

Rating: 7 out of 10


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