Victorian Halls Release Sexy, Hallucinatory New Video


Remember when music videos used to be risky, and artistic?

Well, the Chicago-based alt-pop outfit, Victorian Halls, have brought those two themes to their new video for the song, ‘Come In With The Storm.’

The video has ‘down the rabbit hole’ Eyes Wide Shut feel to it, with band members, in full mask, in a grand hotel where they encounter some sexy, terrifying, and dizzying people, and visions.

Video director S. Fadellin explains, “I loved their unique style and intensity. I read the treatment for ‘Come In With The Storm’ and completely loved it before hearing the song. It was a bit dark and very well thought out conceptually, yet left a lot of room for imagery and creativity.”

He continues, “We shot in an executive suite in a hotel in downtown Chicago. The crew was very small, with myself as director and camera operator and Josh Romero as my one-man crew. The band handled the set design, wardrobe, and props.”

Hyperalgesia, the new album from Victorian Halls is available on iTunes

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