Preview: Northside Festival in Brooklyn

Written By Marley Ghizzone


The Northside Festival takes over Brooklyn this weekend. Yesterday saw awesome performances from Neko Case, Jerry Paper, Frankie Cosmos, and Beach Fossils. With a killer lineup for the rest of the weekend, it’s hard to pick and choose who to see. Here’s a list of 6 Artists you really can’t miss.

Run the Jewels

The hip hop/rap duo is comprised of Killer Mike and EI-P. While Run the Jewels uses the events in the world as fodder for their music, their albums are more about the vibe created between them then outright political activism.

Sleigh Bells

Known for their noise pop genre, Sleigh Bells music combines the simple hooks of pop with harsh guitar riffs and electronic beats. With Alexis Krause on vocals and Derek Miller on guitar, the duo’s music has been described as anything from punk rock to heavy metal.


Princess Nokia

Inspired by 90’s Rave, Drum & Bass, with a nod to the raw New York & U.K. underground, Princess Nokia has a neo-futuristic sound. Destiny Ortiz and Chris Lare have built their own genre while also incorporating existing genres to create music that is relevant but innovative.

Girl Band

Unlike the name would suggest, the Irish band consists of four guys, singer Dara Kiely, drummer Adam Faulkner, guitarist Alan Duggan, and bassist Daniel Fox. Their music has dark tendencies and is a random, vicious wall of sound and emotion leaving people unable to categorize their music.

Against Me!

The punk rock band has been around for a little over a decade, releasing 5 albums before creating their own record label, Total Treble Music. In 2012, singer and guitarist Laura Jane Grace came out as transgender. Gender dysphoria is the theme of their newest album that is about a transgender prostitute.

Against Me!
Against Me!

Built to Spill

With songs ranging from catchy pop to eye-opening classic rock, the indie band focuses their music on cynical reflections of life. Built to Spill has been around for 20 years and just released their newest album, Untethered Moon, in April 2015.

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