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Pop-Break’s Money in the Bank 2015 Predictions

Tonight is the WWE Network/Pay-Per-View event, Money in the Bank. Historically, the MITB briefcase holder has gone on to become champion, although there have been a couple of occasions where the holder struck out. This year we have a number of championship matches, as well as some bouts which will be closely watched, as SummerSlam is just two months away.

Last year’s winner was Seth Rollins who waited all the way to WrestleMania before cashing in. Will the winner this year wait as long? Typically,  a cash in has taken place in a “moment of opportunity” while few others have put their opponent on notice, setting up ample time to hype the match. With that in mind, three of our wrestling fanatics: John Lister, Bill Bodkin & Michael Dworkis, give their take on what we may see tonight.

Pre-Show Match: R-Truth vs. King Barrett

John: There are select few times I find R-Truth absolutely hilarious and can almost comprehend why the WWE keeps him around.  This past week was one of those times.  It is for that reason I think he may pull off an upset and begin a legitimate feud for the crown.  To Barrett’s credit, I don’t think he will be injured tonight.

Winner: R-Truth

Bill: ‘All Hail King Barrett’ will be uttered by JBL at least five times. He will also utter the phrase, ‘My Boy R-Trizzle’ at least once. God, I hate him on commentary. Anyway, Barrett needs a win in the worst way, and he’ll get it here tonight. Truth will get in a decent amount of offense, but a dopey mistake will cost him the match.

Winner: King Barrett

Michael: How the mighty have fallen. Barrett has not won a match since being crowned as King of the Ring. Much like his last three Intercontinental Championship reigns. Tonight will be no different, as the embarrassment of King Barrett continues. This makes me sad.

Winner: R-Truth


WWE Tag Team Championship: New Day vs. The Prime Time Players

Bill: There is absolutely no way The Prime Time Players should walk out with the titles. They’ve won what, two matches in the last year? It’d be a little too random and it’d really would hurt the red hot New Day. They need to build this one up if they actually want to put the belts on two guys who have toiled forever on the undercard. I think they really need to build sympathy for the PTP, really talk about their struggle, their rise to WWE, and get the people behind them. Till then, it’s all about THE DAY (clap clap clap).

Winners: The New Day

John: Kudos to the WWE FINALLY acknowledging Darren Young and the courageous thing he did last summer this past Thursday.  Since Kofi is in the MITB match, that means Big-E will be in a handicap match allowing the tag team division will experience a new day with new tag team champs tonight.  Unfortunately, they will only become fodder for Wyatt’s minions by the next PPV.

Winners: The Prime Time Players

Michael: As much as I would love to see a title change, it will not happen tonight. If the push for the Prime Time Players had started six months ago, I could see the belts change hands. However, it has been less than a month since the duo worth Millions of Dollars were put front and center, only to serve as the next believable challengers. New Day is on a roll, a win here would increase their heel stock. I firmly believe the Prime Time Players will be tag champs before the end of 2015, but it will not be tonight.

Winners: The New Day


Intercontinental Championship Match: Ryback vs. The Big Show

John: If only Rusev didn’t get injured last month.  He would have quickly replaced the US Title for the Intercontinental.  Instead, we have this painfully predictable match where Big Show officially enters the twilight of his career and becomes fodder for Ryback.  I’m starting to believe you are better off not winning The Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

Winner: Ryback

Bill: Feed…Me…Snooooooooore. This match is going to be the traditional slow, plodding punch kick fest where Ryback sells (poorly) throughout the match and then by some miracle gets Show up for Shellshock.

Winner: Ryback

Michael: We saw the Shellshock last week. This should have been saved for the pay-per-view as the big payoff, regardless of who wins. I mean, we see Ryback constantly struggle to lift Mark Henry on a monthly basis, so who would have thought Ryback could lift Big Show? This match could be better than we think, or it really will be a snoozefest. If Ryback already had a longer reign as champ, I could see a chance of a title change, but it’s too soon.

Winner: Ryback


Paige vs. Nikki Bella: Divas Title

Bill: Nikki Bella doesn’t lose, bro. She doesn’t lose.

Winner: Nikki Bella

John: They’re faces.  They’re heels.  They’re faces.  They’re heels.  I don’t know what actually confuses the refs more, the Bellas being twins or them constantly switching sides.  The Divas division has become stagnant and I don’t see that changing since from what little I know about the NXT Divas Division, they’re talented female wrestlers are in a faction that literally needs 4 participants.  As a result, the division will stay stale and so will the would be Mrs. Cena remain champion.

Winner: Nikki Bella

Michael: I want Paige to win. I don’t care so much for a title change, but I just want to see someone other than Nikki win a match. I feel like she wins matches she isn’t even part of. Don’t even get me started on the sheer folly of the “Twin Magic” gimmick when it doesn’t even exist anymore! They wear DIFFERENT gear. Have DIFFERENT hair color.

Winner: Paige


MITB Match: Dolph Zigger, Kofi Kingston, Neville, Kane, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Sheamus.

Bill: This match will probably be better than most people think. You’ve got a lot of talented people in this match and there will be some very creative spots in this match. Kofi Kingston AND Neville in this match fascinate me. Neither have a shot of winning, but they’re going to really pull out some amazing moves here. The winner here, at least to me, is obvious — Roman Reigns. It makes sense, have him capture the briefcase, the cause of his loss to Brock at ‘Mania. Of course, no will like that outcome, because it’s another example of Roman being shoved down the audience’s throat. However, logically, it makes all the sense in the world.

Winner: Roman Reigns

John: Kane?  No.  Neville?  I wish.  Kofi?  Maybe if the rules were for the last person not to be tossed out of the ring and both feet touching.  Ziggler?  No, he’ll forever be teasing to reach main event status.  Sheamus?  Not with that hair.  Orton?  I will stop watching WWE if that happens.  So by process of elimination, have to go with Reigns.  Also, figure he will be using it later in the evening if, and only if, it’s the first match of the PPV.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Michael: This will be a good one. Some main eventers, some top-of-the-mid-carders, and some mid-card mainstays. Good balance. WWE has been high on Adrian Neville, placing him in the finals of the King of the Ring Tournament, and having some recent high-profile matches. Do I see Neville being given the coveted Briefcase? Hard to say. It would be unpredicted and would raise the question of a possible failed cash-in. MITB holders are not guaranteed champions anymore. John Cena and Damien Sandow both failed in their attempts. Kane is there for ulterior motives, Kofi is there, like Neville for pull off the crazy spots, Orton is there to make us think twice, and Ziggler will sell every bump like Rob Van Dam. Sheamus has not come out on top recently, so him winning is not completely out of the ballpark. Then, there is Roman Reigns. Sigh. Reigns. Maybe this time around the crowd won’t completely turn on him, but thanks to the Primus-given internet, we will hear the “Of course they were giving it to him.” The one upshot to this, is a potential Shield-triple threat at SummerSlam. Or, Reigns cashing in at SummerSlam, and “stealing” the title back as a measure of Revenge against Rollins. Storyline-wise, it works. But for Rollins to face Reigns at SummerSlam, he does not necessarily need to win MITB. Then again, a wild Brock Lesnar could be lurking around.

Winner: Adrian Neville (because I don’t want to pick Reigns)


John Cena vs. Kevin Owens

John: Cena did the right thing last month jobbing to Owens.  Tonight, unfortunately Cena gets rewarded.  In a hard fought match, Cena ties the series.  Expect this to go up until Summerslam.

Winner: John Cena

Bill: Historically the following would happen – Cena wins match #2, Owens complains to the Authority, or dupes Super Cena into a rubber match at Summerslam, where Cena once again wins. However, I think WWE puts over Kevin Owens once again, and then we get the title vs. title match at Summerslam where Owens wins the title. I think this one will be good, not as good as their first encounter, but still good.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Michael: The first encounter between Owens and Cena was epic. Slow start, which then transformed into an all-out war. Lately we are seeing a newer-ish side of Cena, and while there are those who will always say “of course Cena wins” they sure as hell didn’t say it last time. Tonight, I see the big builder for a championship match at SummerSlam. A double-count out after a huge spot. Something insane will happen between them, and the only way to settle the score will be a title bout at SummerSlam. The obvious would see Cena winning tonight, evening the feud, which is why I do not see it at all.

Match Result: Double Count Out or No Contest


Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

Michael:  We all want Dean Ambrose to win. The guy is donkey-nut-loony. He is entertaining. He is crazy. He has everything the fans want. But he’s not the champion the fans deserve. Seth Rollins is the champion we need. He is vile, we hate his guts, and we want Ambrose to knock his block off. We will get all that and more tonight, but no title change. SummerSlam is a couple months away. This could see the reappearance of the elusive Brock Lesnar.

Winner: Seth Rollins

 John: Should be a whole lot of fun which is the only solid prediction I can give about this match.  If Reigns wins the opening bout of the evening, I see him cashing in on Ambrose.  If he doesn’t, I see The Authority making up (or showing last week was all just a swerve) and helping Rollins win.  Either way, my main prediction for this post is that for Summerslam’s main event:  Triple Threat match for the Title:  The Shield.

Match Result: Reigns on a cash-in or Seth Rollins retains

 Bill: It’d be AMAZING if Dean Ambrose won this one. Yet, the big money draw here is Rollins vs. Reigns. That’s what WWE is building for. To me, it should go to Ambrose because the guy is super-over with the fans. However, it’s not the way WWE will go. Rollins will win this one. And it’s going to be an awesome match, no doubt.

Winner: Seth Rollins


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