Empty Zone #1 Review

Written by Marley Ghizzone


I didn’t like Empty Zone. I don’t know who would like Empty Zone, but I’m sure there is somebody. The idea is an interesting one and it should be a thrilling read. Our protagonist, Corinne White, lives in a dystopian world where she must reconcile the ghosts of her past. She is met with literal, violent ghosts, reanimated corpses, and animal/human hybrids that inhabit her world. A common, but cool, science fiction/horror theme.

The actual production of the idea, however, was poor. The story is confusing as nothing really happens. Storylines are started but nothing is ever explained. Unlike Sons of the Devil, which is also a horror comic, the confusion isn’t compelling. There is no character to relate to or shred of plot line to follow. Similarly, the drawings looked like rough sketches. It had a dirty,eerie feel to it, which I understand for the genre. However, I did not dig it. It was a little too mushy and smudgy.

A big question, though, overshadows every other thought I have about Empty Zone. Why was our main character naked or in her underwear for 99% of the comic? Why? I’m not even coming at this from a feminist standpoint on the objectification of women. I want to know what it tells us about the character or what it did to move the plot along. Did I miss the importance of it? Was it telling me something and I wasn’t listening? I don’t think I’ll ever know.

Rating: 2 out of 10

Marley Ghizzone is the current music editor and former Breaking News Editor for The Pop Break. Aside from writing news, Marley reviews television shows and the odd film. Pop culture is her drug of choice and her talents include binge watching entire seasons of TV shows obsessively fast and crying over fictional characters. Marley is a graduate of Rowan University. Follow her on twitter: @marleyveee