Spoon: Kings Theatre, Brooklyn | June 16, 2015


Pop-Break Live: Spoon at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, NY – June 16, 2015

Outside of Los Angeles or Nashville, New York City has the most options when it comes to music venues. Best Buy Theater, Madison Square Garden, and Beacon Theater just to name a few. While most are smaller, and intimate like the Bowery Ballroom or Terminal 5, venues like Radio City Music Hall are a unique experience because they offer both a large scale feel, while still giving fans the chance to get close to the stage. After lying dormant for almost forty years, the Kings Theatre is now ready to give concertgoers a different experience.

The newly renovated venue, located in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, is a throwback to a bygone era. Kings Theatre (originally called Loew’s Kings Theatre) was built in 1929 and closed its doors in 1977. The building was recently restored to its former glory and has become the premiere New York venue, attracting big names like Diana Ross, Ringo Starr, and Josh Groban. From it’s breathtaking architecture to its lavish aesthetic, Kings Theatre looks like it was taken right out of The Great Gatsby.

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Experiencing the Kings Theatre for the first time was breathtaking, and seeing one of my favorite bands there made it even more exciting. I’ve only seen Spoon in an outdoor setting, and the last time they played in New York there was a problem with their sound. There was no problem with the sound this time, in fact, they sounded incredible.

Spoon played an astonishing 23-song set for almost two hours. Lead singer/guitarist, Britt Daniel and company played an eclectic collection of songs ranging from “The Fitted Skirt” and “Anything You Want” off 2001’s Girls Can Tell, to new tracks like “Do You” and “Rent I Pay” off their latest album They Want My Soul.

Check out the full set list below and let us know your favorite Spoon track in the comment section below.

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Set List

1. Rent I Pay 

2. Knock Knock Knock 

3. Don’t You Evah 

4. The Way We Get By 

5. Small Stakes 

6. My Mathematical Mind 

7. The Ghost of You Lingers 

8. Satellite 

9. The Beast and Dragon, Adored 

10. I Turn My Camera On 

11. Do You 

12. The Fitted Shirt 

13. I Summon You 

14. Rainy Taxi 

15. Inside Out 

16. Don’t Make Me a Target 

17. Got Nuffin 

18. Outlier 

19. Anything You Want 

20. TV Set 
(The Cramps cover)

Encore 2
21. Black Like Me 

22. You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb 

23. The Underdog 

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