Mulan Revelations #1 Review

Written by Marley Ghizzone


Mulan Revelations is like a cyberpunk, techno version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The first issue is broken into two time periods, the first Mulan in 500 B.C and the new Mulan in 2125. Ancient Mulan is a warrior who is fighting the demons of hell, but the immortals are more worried with protecting the archive. Which, if I may be so bold as to guess, is Mulan’s soul.

Then we jumped to the future, 2125. Mulan seems to know nothing of her ancestor. She is very rich, has a whiny and spoiled brother, and an in-the-know uncle. The future world is currently dealing with a virus that attacks technoimplants in humans. However, when Mulan is attacked in the free clinic she volunteers at, her blood cures the disease. Cue evil demons and the beginning of Mulan’s destiny.


I love Mulan, the classic Disney film, and will break out into “I’ll Make A Man Out of You” any chance I get, but I love Mulan Revelations even better. It combines everything I ever want from life. A wealthy yet benevolent female lead who just so happens to have a kickass legacy.

It reminds me of Buffy, like I said earlier, in the best way possible. This first issue set up the series well and hooked readers instantly. I am super excited for this series.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Marley Ghizzone is the current music editor and former Breaking News Editor for The Pop Break. Aside from writing news, Marley reviews television shows and the odd film. Pop culture is her drug of choice and her talents include binge watching entire seasons of TV shows obsessively fast and crying over fictional characters. Marley is a graduate of Rowan University. Follow her on twitter: @marleyveee