10 Must-See Bands at Pinelands Music Festival

Written by Matt Taylor


The Pinelands Music Festival will be held this Saturday at the New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville. The day-long concert will host 29 bands, local food, go-karts and other vendors to keep attendees entertained all day. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by these many options, but these ten bands are definitely worth seeking out at the show.

A Great Big Pile of Leaves

With a quirky sound and even quirkier lyrics, A Great Big Pile of Leaves is a hugely enjoyable indie-rock band that are sure to put on a fun show. While they haven’t released a new album since 2013, songs like “Alligator Bop” and “Snack Attack” are just as energetic as they were when they were originally released.

X Ambassadors
X Ambassadors


The synthpop band will be playing on the Pinelands Stage. With a whole catalogue of catchy songs, including “Here (In Your Arms)” and “Oh, It Is Love”, the band will undoubtedly put on a lively show.

Young Statues

Between their popular EP Age Isn’t Ours and their most recent album, last year’s The Flatlands Are Your Friend, Young Statues has more than a few catchy songs, namely the concert-themed “Pretty Girls make Raves”, from their first album Young Statues, which would be perfect for this festival.

Stellar Young

Voted Best Indie Rock Band in a 2014 Metroland readers poll, Stellar Young is a multi-genre band that’s on the rise and bound to get bigger. A mix of rock, folk and pop, Stellar Young is bound to put on a great show and, hopefully, add more fans to their growing fan base.

X Ambassadors

This New York-based rock band entered the spotlight earlier this year with their hit “Renegades.” But their latest album, VHS, is filled with powerful, passionate rock numbers that would get any concertgoer on their feet. Check out our interview with the band from 2014.

Jukebox the Ghost
Jukebox the Ghost

You Me & Everyone We Know

A combination of Panic at the Disco’s moody sound and Say Anything’s crude lyrics, You Me & Everyone We Know are an emo rock band worth seeking out. While whiny-rock might not be for everyone, Ben Liebsch’s phenomenal voice elevates their songs considerably.

The Press War

They might be relatively new to the music scene, but The Press War is wasting no time in releasing radio-friendly rock songs that are hard to get out of your head. Check them out at Pinelands and help spread the word about this up-and-coming band.

Where the Ocean Meets the Sky

For those looking for a more hardcore setlist at the festival, Where the Ocean Meets the Sky will certainly fit the bill. Empires, their sole album, is bound to please heavy metal fans that will be attending Pinelands this year.

Jukebox the Ghost

With beautiful piano melodies and engrossing lyrics, Jukebox the Ghost has been churning out great songs since 2003 and they show no signs of slowing down. Whether they perform classics like “Somebody”, or their recent “Walk Like an Egyptian” cover, their performance should be a ton of fun.


Certainly one of the more unusual acts at Pinelands, Sleepyface’s electronic music truly stands out at this festival. Self described as “fun time stuff,” chill wave fans should definitely check him out this weekend.

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