Will Smith To Produce A Fresh Prince Reboot


Looks like Will Smith may have gotten into another “lil’ fight, and his mom got scared” cause this is the story of how once again he became the Prince of Bel Air.

In a recent report from TVLine, it’s been revealed that Will Smith is bringing back The Fresh Prince of Bel Air for a whole new generation of ballers and Carltons. It has been reported that Smith will be back to help helm the show, solely as a producer, with the help of his production company Overbrook Entertainment.

While the project is purely in early talks at the moment, the feel and atmospheric idea of the odd man out in a world they aren’t use to is the idea they are still trying to possess, staying true to heart to the tone and concept of the cherished 90’s darling show.

According to the article, the home network of the original program, NBC, is not involved at the moment, chairman Robert Greenblatt has stated that he would, “be happy to talk to Will (Smith) about it.”

In my opinion, this could go either way…unfortunately I don’t see a very bright outcome at the moment. Details are slim, and as mentioned it is still in very early talks, but to me this show is a childhood memory and one that I would like to keep untainted.

The cast at the time was at the top of their games in the roles they were given. Perfecting the catchphrases, setting the tone for the perfect amount of silly and serious, and all in all just becoming a pop culture phenomenon.

I worry that any new concepts for this reboot may end up being too much-in a horrible campy type of way- and completely forget what made the show special in the first place.

The chemistry of the cast, the acting that in some ways was too good for its own well-being, and the stories were all fresh in the way they were executed week and week again. And I highly doubt they will ever find another Carlton as good as Alfonso Ribeiro was in the original.

Piece of advice: do not try and copy the guy, just like in Dancing with the Stars-everyone will lose.

At the moment, I’m not sure if a reboot could capture exactly what was lightening in a bottle in the first place, and the fact that reboots haven’t exactly had a successful streak in the past only adds fuel to my nervous fire.

I guess we will all just have to tune in and see if this Prince is still fresh after all these years.

My name is Laura Dengrove. I am currently a Junior at Rutgers University, double majoring in Journalism/Media Studies and Cinema Studies. I am a film critic and interviewer by choice, professional Linda Belcher impersonator by birth.