Interview: The Off White


The Off-White Is: (Band Members & Instruments They Play): Sean Jones (guitar), Pat Brenner (Drums), Mike Bongi (Bass), Justin Jones (Guitar). We all sing

We Formed In: We formed in 2012.

We’re Based Out Of: Long Beach Island, NJ.

The Story Behind Our Name: LBI is full of really annoying white people so we liked to all ourselves “off white.”

You’ve Seen Us Before In Other Bands: Pat and Bongi are actually in Psychiatric Metaphors too. You’ll see them tonight.

New Music Coming Out: We just recorded some new singles so you’ll hear them real soon.

Our Sound has Been Likened To: Darby Crash buttfucking Nancy Sinatra. Dirty punk with some melodies.


You dropped your record Don’t Take Kindly earlier this year – how do you feel this record stands out from the rest of the songs you’ve done in the past?

I feel like Don’t Take Kindly is just a continuation of the EP. It was all recorded all the same way, bedroom style. We have some more psychedelic moments on Don’t Take Kindly though.

You guys went down to Austin for SXSW this year – can you tell us about the experience?

It was insane! First time we felt like a proper band. There was seven of us in a minivan and we just had a blast. Chad from The Meatbodies got us all hooked on poppers in Austin.


You guys are currently working with Little Dickman Records. Describe working with this label for us. How have they helped you a band? As people? And how important do you think these guys to the Asbury scene right now?

Chris and Amy from Little Dickman are like our mom and dad. They are the best and really take care of us. These guys are going to save the Asbury scene and put asbury back on the map. People in Asbury really like to cling onto the past and it’s getting really annoying, but these guys are gonna change that and show everyone that there is some great new shit out there.

Think back to the first show you guys had as The Off-White. How do you think you’ve evolved since then, and what’s been the one mistake you made that you’ve learned the most from?

We probably haven’t evolved since the first Off White show haha. We’re still the same dumb kids. Maybe we can write better songs now, I don’t know. But I think we’ve learned to play the game a bit better, but for the most part were pretty much the same band. Our one mistake that we’ve learned from is to not be afraid to get a rise out of people.

What’s your proudest moment in this band?


I think our proudest moment is putting out our record and recording the whole thing ourselves, and being able to take it out on the road was the icing on the cake.

What do you love about being in this band?

The best part about being in the Off White is the ultimate satisfaction you get when we’re  really just going nuts on stage and our audience is feeling what we’re feeling. It’s the lust for life we have that makes being in this band really worth it.

There are so many bands performing in Asbury Park right now — what do you think separates the band from everyone else?

We’re not afraid to keep it simple or sloppy or just not worry about the little shit. It’s all raw and you can hear that in the record.

If someone had never heard your band before, what song would recommend they check out in order to truly get what The Off-White was all about…and why?

I like “Jaguar Jay” off the EP but that’s jut me. I think my favorite off the new record is “The Itch.” It’s an STD turned into a dance craze.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2015?

Tons of new music. Merchandise. Action figures. TV shows. Tours. Fragrance lines.

The Off White performs at a load Happy Mondays at The Wonder Bar tonight along with Chris Brown, Psychiatric Metaphors, and Jolly Daggers.

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