Summerslam 2015 Predictions Panel


Summerslam 2015 Prediction Panel

It’s the summer classic – WWE Summerslam. Tonight, the “E” takes over the Barclays Center for the second of three huge nights with their ‘Wrestlemania of the Summer.’ Pop-Break gathered their favorite wrestling fans – Steve Miller, Pop-Break wrestling editor Michael Dworkis, his wife Evi Dworkis, Kenny Pete, Jon Lister, Jason Miles (of That Wrestling Group on Facebook), and editor-in-chief Bill Bodkin to give their predictions.

Dolph Ziggler with Lana vs. Rusev with Summer Rae

Steve Miller: Dolph pins Rusev after Lana slaps Summer around as a distraction. Yawn.

Bill Bodkin: Rusev gets the duke here after Summer Rae and Lana get involved, Dolph plays the stupid dashing hero, and Rusev hits the jump kick and then applies the Accolade for the win. Why? We need an inter gender tag match at the next PPV, where Lana pins Summer and Rusev dumps her. Making him the 9,000th person Summer has managed.

Michael Dworkis: I want to care about this, I really do. Dolph Ziggler sells and bumps like his life depends on it. But, we know this is going to really be about Lana and Summer Rae. Interesting tidbit: Dolph Ziggler performed at the People’s Improv Theatre in New York, and Lana was in the audience. Guess WWE wants storylines to be strictly followed. Ziggler gets the win, otherwise his big return from injury becomes meaningless.

Evi Dworkis: I think Ziggler will win on account of Lana attacking Summer Rae which distracts Rusev.

Kenny Pete: Ziggler Crush! Oh, you mean the wrestling match & not Russev’s former main squeeze Lana?! Yeah, right…  Dolph Ziggler gets the win & hopefully this feud gets wrapped up nicely and we don’t have to see any of these people interact with each other anymore, ever.

Jason Miles: With the build up and two consummate professionals who have proven time and time again they can bring it, I expect a great back and forth match people will be talking about. Winner: Ziggler

Jon Lister: Case in point about The Ziggler-Zone.  I fear the only reason creative squeezed him into Summerslam was not because of his talent but because they placed him in this ludicrous love triangle.  These two are so opposite from each other, I don’t know if they are capable of performing a good match, despite Ziggler being great and Rusev adequate.  Since Ziggler is returning and the match is not that important, look for him to pick up the victory.

Team PCB (Paige, Charlotte Becky) vs. Team Bella (Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Alicia Fox) vs. Team B.A.D. (Sasha Banks, Naomi, Tamina)

Steve Miller: This is the best thing that’s happened to the WWE in a while. The infusion of real, wrestling talent on the female side is fantastic. Ashley Fliehr has inherited her father’s charisma and has more athleticism. The former gymnast has star power. Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks also have what it takes to have great careers. The others in this match don’t hold a candle to the former NXT competitors. PCB wins with Charlotte getting the pin on Nikki Bella. I can see them holding the Nature Girl’s coronation until Wrestlemania. WOOOOOOO!

Michael Dworkis: Finally. Since the debut of three NXT women onto the main roster, I actually watch the matches. I give credit to the Bellas for being utter bitches and making us hate them with each passing week. I love how Sasha Banks has taken the leadership reigns over Naomi and Tamina. Team PCB, they are the trio to watch, but we all know Charlotte is the one to watch. My pick goes to Team PCB, as it will be likely Charlotte will be chosen to dethrone Nikki Bella as Divas Champion.

Evi Dworkis: Paige, Charlotte, and Becky. They’re pushing Charlotte pretty far out in front, I can’t imagine they’re going to stop now.

Kenny Pete: I’m all in on Team PCB and hope they not only win the match, but do so in convincing fashion.  This is the beginning of the Renascence of the Women’s Division in the WWE and I hope this match helps everyone understand that Women can do this rasslin stuff just as good as men can.

Jason Miles: Give divas a chance? The E did and the infusion of new blood has taken the divas to a new level. I don’t think this match will be any different and will probably show up some of the guys matches. We have waited a while to see all of them in the ring together. The wait is nearly over and I for one, can not wait. Winners: Team PCB (and the fans).

Bill Bodkin: Team PCB is obviously the superior team, and they are my prediction to win. However, don’t rule out Team Bella…because as I’ve said every PPV – Bellas don’t lose, bro!

Jon Lister: Not since Lita vs. Victoria in a steel cage match have I been looking forward to a WWE Diva match so much.  With 9 competitors in this match, there are actually 6 1/2 female wrestlers in it (Nikki is improving but not a full-fledged wrestler yet).  My main problem with this match:  Alicia Fox isn’t my girlfriend during it.  I see Team Bella eliminated first and then Sasha Banks picking up the victory for Team BAD as I see her (hopefully quickly) becoming the next WWE Diva Champion.

Stephen Amell & Neville vs. King Barrett & Stardust

Steve Miller: The Arrows win by pinning Stardust.

Michael Dworkis : Call me crazy, but I am excited about this match. Sure, the comic book influence has something to do with it. But the work Stephen Amell has done on social media to push the hell out of this has been incredible. I dig crazy and out-of-this-world gimmicks, so I enjoy Cody Rhodes losing his marbles as Star Dust. With Wade Barrett now some sort of villain dubbed The Cosmic King, he might get some sort of traction with the fans again. He’s been stalling for so long, it has become painful, even for me to watch. I love Barrett, I dig Stardust, but the win has to go to Team Arrow. Let’s see if Green Arrow can pull off a 450 Corkscrew.

Evi Dworkis: Honestly, it doesn’t really matter who wins- this match is so hyped in my mind it can do no wrong. I want Barrett and Stardust to win to maybe have this turn into a repeat performance and ongoing feud between Amell and Stardust!!

Kenny Pete: If you are looking for a good wrestling match here, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.  One of the participants is an actor, the other is Stephen Amell from the hit series Arrow.  Neville will do some really cool flips which makes his matches cant miss. He will also let Stephen Amell get the victory because he is cool like that.

Jason Miles:  Every few years we have the actor wrestles thing. This time, I actually am looking forward to. The other three guys in the match are awesome and I truly think Amell is gonna give it all he’s got. Granted, I’d love to see him get a  bull hammer. Winner: Amell/Neville

Bill Bodkin: The result is obvious – Amell & Neville win. However, this could be the sleeper match of the night. Smell has shown more enthusiasm and excitement about being in the ring than any WWE celebrity in recent memory. Oh, and he’s super athletic which helps. This will be fun.

Jon Lister:  I am curious to see the work Amell does in the ring.  As a fan of Arrow and seeing him a couple of weeks ago, I’m certain he’ll give a good effort but uncertain about the execution.  He’ll be on the winning team and look for Barrett to get injured when an arrow pierces his calf.

Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens

Steve Miller: This is another example about what direction Vince wants to go and which of these two he sees as climbing into the mix. Cesaro deserves the shot and has some momentum. But, Owens has lost on the last two PPVs and truly can’t afford a third defeat. What Cesaro truly needs is a face manager to speak for him and act as if she/he is guiding him to a position he’s never been able to achieve. Cesaro will win, especially if Sheamus or Rollins is WWE Champ.

Michael Dworkis: Ladies and Gentlemen, this will be the show-stealer. If you have not watched the past few weeks on both RAW and SmackDown, these guys have been putting on main event matches, outclassing everything else. This will be Ring of Honor on WWE television. They will not hold back, and we will get exactly what we hoped for. He is over with the fans, and in my mind, no doubt heading for the main event picture in 2016, and will be my pick for either Royal Rumble winner or Money in the Bank. I am talking about Cesaro.

Evi Dworkis: I hope Cesaro wins this one. I want to see an epic match between them but after a few swings and a pop up power bomb, I think Cesaro will go home with the win.

Kenny Pete: This is going to be the best match of the show. Cesaro’s Strength vs Owen’s tenacity should make for a fantastic clash of styles.  Don’t sleep on this one kids, it’s going to be a classic. I predict Kevin Owens gets the win because Cesaro just doesn’t do that kind of thing, I guess that’s not for him.

Jason Miles: Probably the match I wanna see the most. Two amazing talents who have and will continue to set the wrestling world on fire! I love Owens in his current role. And despite not quite being booked right, Cesaro is incredible. To call this a solid match when it is over will be an understatement. Winner: KO 

Bill Bodkin: Owens has lost at the past two PPVs, plus the Japan special, and last night’s Takeover special. Honestly, could I see him lose? Yes. The conspiracies of how much the old guard hate him seem to have some real credence. However, he’s in the ring with Cesaro, another guy the old guard has buried. In the end, Owens needs this win more than Cesaro, and he’ll get it.

Jon Lister: This will easily be the match of the night.  Would be even better if the outcome wasn’t predictable.  Kevin Owens will come away with the victory and sadly Cesaro will be cemented in The Ziggler Zone (should have more times in the main event but stuck in the mid-card if lucky).

Four Corners Tag Team Title Match: The Prime Time Players (c) vs. Lucha Dragons vs. Los Matadores vs. The New Day

Steve Miller: The New Day will win because it’s their time to get it back. This, however, is another waste of talent. Kofi Kingston deserves better.

Michael Dworkis: I am hoping we get this so-called “new side” to Los Matadores, meaning they pull the damn masks off and go back to being Primo and Epico. New Day has become more entertaining, which throws the notion of them regaining the championships. I just do not see the Lucha Dragons or Matadores winning, they do not feel ready for the titles. My vote goes to the Prime Time Players to retain.

Evi Dworkis:  I think New Day is going to walk away with the championship this time. Their gimmick is taking off, and I think the heels deserve a chance with the belt.

Kenny Pete: The Prime Time Players make Millions of Dollars as Tag Team Champions.  Unfortunately for them, Its a New Day of Fiscal Responsibility. Kofi Kingston & Big E will Sing, Dance & (most importantly) Clap their way to victory and another run as tag team champions.

Jason Miles: This has actually become a watchable feud between New Day and PTP. I am a PTP guy currently. Los Matadors are good in the ring. Adding Lucha Dragons make this a mix of good high flying action and great consistent tag work. Winner: PTP
Jon Lister: Should have some nice spots during the match but I have little doubt The PTP’ers will retain.  I don’t see the WWE considering any of the other teams championship material at this current moment.
Bill Bodkin: New Day all day, everyday.

IC Title Match: Ryback (c) vs. The Big Show vs. The Miz

Steve Miller: Please file this match under the category of “Why, Vince, why?” This may as well be the comedy match. The telegraph is that Mike Mizhanin will win when the larger specimens battle each other to exhaustion and Miz manipulates the victory.

Michael Dworkis: While many probably do not care, I think this match could get entertaining as The Miz is the real wild card. I believe Miz will somehow steal this, and continue this three-way feud for a while.

Evi Dworkis:  The Big Show. I want to see him Big Chop the crap out of these two. It’s always fun to watch Miz try to protect his face.

Kenny Pete: There is no way that a 215 pound, former reality TV star turned straight to DVD movie star could possibly defeat two other men at least 5x his size right?! Right?! Wrong.  The Miz steals a win, the IC Title and all your hearts in The Marine 4: Moving Target available now!

 Jason Miles: Good to see Ryback back, healthy and defending the belt. Show and Miz have carried the build up, but will basically both just be cannon fodder for the big guy. Feed Me More! Winner: Ryback 
Bill Bodkin: Bathroom break #1. Miz wins.
Jon Lister: Runner up to the snooze of the night.  If they keep on putting Big Show in matches like these, it will be obvious they are trying to force him to retire.  Look for Ryback to retain.

Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper

Steve Miller: If Roman Reigns is ever going to be brought back to the top echelon, he has to get the pin on Bray Wyatt in this match and he will. The Shield and Wyatt momentum disappeared the moment they broke up and this is a lame attempt to recapture something they will never get back. When WWE history is written by someone other than the McMahons, they are going to view this match as a symbol of lost opportunity.

Michael Dworkis: If this was not announced as some sort of Falls Count Anywhere or No DQ, it should. Roman Reigns has improved to the point where, I believe, fans no longer feel like Reigns is being shoved down their throats. WWE learned their lesson, keeping Reigns with Ambrose is a good move for now. Am I calling future Tag Team Champions? No. But Reigns needs something to do for the meantime, and Ambrose is just great in any angle, as his promos and in-ring behavior entertains all. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper on the other hand, are always consistent with their performances, however this is not always a good thing. Bray always delivers the creepy and Harper puts on a great match, but I feel as though they are stagnating here. Ambrose does not have a good win streak at pay-per-views lately, but I feel this is his time to shine. Ambrose and Reigns pull the win, unless Erick Rowan or a new family members surfaces to tip the scales in favor of the Wyatts.

Evi Dworkis: Hmm. Lots of talent here. I’m going to say Reigns and Ambrose to give Wyatt and Harper more reasons to recruit more weirdos to their stable.

Kenny Pete:  This will be a fun, hard hitting tag-team match between 4 guys who are the future of the company.  I’d love to see Roman Reigns turn heel here against Dean Ambrose & have the winner of that feud be elevated into the world title picture.  Wyatt & Harper get the win.

Jason Miles: All the rumors and reports of what this match was supposed to be has left us with a solid, hard hitting, well built tag team match. These 4 are going to beat the hell out each other! Winner: Reigns/Ambrose 
Bill Bodkin: There’s nothing for any of these guys to do past Summerslam, so let’s see it keep going. This needs to be solved in a  cage. Winner: Wyatt, Harper.
Jon Lister:  This match is going to be fun.  I really hope the four have a free for all and wreck the ring.  The Wyatts always seem to come out on top in these situations so I shall choose them.

Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

Steve Miller: Randy Orton is the best example of why the WWE needs to bring in new stars, not John Cena. For all of Cena’s shortcomings in the ring, he is on the Hogan/Flair level as a salesman for the company and the business. But, he fights through injuries, makes sure he is there each and every show, and knows his role. Orton just gets injured and is monotonous. Cena takes risks; Orton takes a check.

Michael Dworkis: If there was ever a match I gave no craps about, it is this one. I will pick Sheamus. He seems to always get the short-end of the stick on television, but always seems to come out on top on the big shows. Sheamus wins by some sort of trickery.

Evi Dworkis:  Please let it be Seamus. I will never enjoy Orton as a winner.

Kenny Pete:  The real winner of this match will be the network audience at home & on twitter,  enjoying Brooklyn’s finest punish these guys with “CM Punk,” “We Want Liger,”  “Suplex City” and “We Are Awesome” chants throughout the duration of the show. Sheamus cheats to win.

Jason Miles: It will be a solid match by two veterans. Some big hard hitting spots. There will probably be an RKO out of nowhere, but the Celtic Warrior will be close to the ropes.  Winner: Sheamus

Bill Bodkin: Snore. Sheamus wins.

Jon Lister: I shall be taking a nap while smoking a cigarette during this match.  I have always been indifferent to Sheamus and I still scratch my head as to why they gave him MITB (oh wait, he was trained by HHH).  As for Overrated, I think I’ve expressed my opinions on him to the point where I’ve run out of complaints about him.  My predicition… PAIN (for the viewers).

Title vs. Title: Seth Rollins (World) vs. John Cena (U.S.)

Steve Miller: Does anyone in their right mind truly believe that Paul Levesque would allow John Cena to take the all-time Championship record away from his idol, Ric Flair? Do you truly believe that after all the effort Vince has put into taking Cena out of the number one spot he would allow him to make his way back in? It’s not happening. This would be the perfect spot to have Rollins win both titles and have Sheamus cash in Money in the Bank after losing to Orton. By the way, can someone please explain why Sheamus is allowed to remain among the top echelon of performers in this company? He has no charisma, doesn’t sell any tickets, and is very limited. I’m dumbfounded by the push he receives. But, I digress. Rollins over Cena.

Bill Bodkin: I actually see it happening, Steve. WWE has lost a ton of money and subscribers. “Big Match John” is their panic button. They’ll push it in order to hope they can reinject interest from the kiddos. And then I cry. Winner: Cena.

Michael Dworkis: It is inevitable. This past RAW, the card was drawn and put out on the table. John Cena played the “16-time” card, implying his intent to tie Ric Flair for record-setting number of reigns. He tied it in well with the angle, as Seth Rollins is the protégé of Triple H, and Triple H was the protégé of Ric Flair. That whole Evolution thing. Remember?  To tie Ric Flair, fine. I can survive it. But should the time come where John Cena ends up BEATING that record, will be comparable to the same feeling as watching The Streak come to an end. Seems to be something WWE enjoys doing. While all directions point towards Cena winning the WWE World Championship, my pick is Seth Rollins. Simply put, it gets the U.S. Championship off Cena, and in a week Rollins can lose the mid-tier championship to Cesaro or Kevin Owens.

Evi Dworkis:  John Cena, because Cena always wins. Runner up: Seth Rollins’ knee. I’m thinking a possible cash-in from Seamus, but only if Rollins wins.

Kenny Pete:  Seth Rollins is the best thing going in this company right now & squashing his momentum right now just to give John Cena the world title again is a huge mistake.  Rollins re-arranged Mr Never Give Up’s face a few weeks ago and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen again. Seth Rollins wins all the gold & receives a statue of himself outside of Titan Towers in Stamford, CT.

 Jason Miles:  I love Rollins. I respect Cena’s in ring abilities. He gets a bum rap. It will be a good match. I have been trying to figure out how this one works out. I think Sheamus could somehow get involved in an botched cash in that will probably end up distracting Cena. All in all, Cena’s record tying title win will have to wait. Winner: Seth Rollins
Jon Lister: Despite Taker and Wyatt being on the card, this is easily the scariest match of the night.  If only the World Title was on the line, Rollins would have been the easy pick.  However, since its both, Summerslam will be a sad a day in wrestling history as Cena makes history by tying Flair’s record on World Titles.  The only person who can save Rollins would be a major swerve by John Stewart (the Green Lantern, not the host as awesome as the retired John Stewart is, he won’t even be enough).

Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

Steve Miller: This has turned into an old-time promotional war that almost makes you wish the match itself never takes place, or at least had another two months for the build. Each and every time you think that Paul Heyman can’t get any better at crystallizing the essence of a match and turning what would seem to be just another performance into Armageddon, he does. The Ultimate Advocate’s machinations by themselves encourage someone to sign up for the Network and watch The Beast and The Dead Man collide. Mark Calloway has also taken his performance to another level and brought back all of the Bread and Circus that turned this character into a phenomenon. (Note to Vince: A 50 year old man can’t be called a Phenom. That is a term used for younger, newer athletes who hit upon the scene with a previously unseen ferociousness, not soon-to-be-retired, physically hindered elder statesmen.)

That being said, the outcome of this match will be determined by what’s best for business (no pun intended) and Calloway’s physical condition. Under normal circumstances, the easy choice is the Undertaker to set up a re-match at Wrestlemania in Dallas. However, that will undermine Lesnar’s aura and he is the one with the three year contract. But, there is a way out. There will be some sort of interference enabling Lesnar to win. Calloway takes umbrage with this and comes back with one last match in his home state. He wins at the “Granddaddy of Them All”, gets retribution. This will enable him to rest in peace.

Michael Dworkis: Good grief. There was a moment where I wondered if I would not have shared a care for a repeat, but recent promos from Rabbi Paul Heyman and the all-out brawl a couple of weeks ago has got my attention. The Undertaker looked like he was in great shape. Not the shriveled old man we saw at the last few WrestleManias. Smart money says for Undertaker to go over, as WWE loves to promote the “rubber match” and having Brock go a second consecutive win over the Deadman will bury his career in the literal sense, and push Brock even further as some sort of new phenom. This I cannot envision at all.

My pick is Undertaker, unless for whatever reason Sting shows up to begin the long-drawn out hype for Undertaker vs. Sting at Wrestlemania in 2016.

Evi Dworkis: This match, Undertaker needs to win. I think this feud could go on until next Mania ( where Taker shows up twice in between) and it would be nice for some past mania revenge.

Kenny Pete: The match that is bigger than Wrestlemania will end up ending in nefarious means & will end up being done again at Wrestlemania. It will be a stiff contest no doubt & should be a Great attraction, but don’t look for these guys to reinvent the sport, Strong match with a shady finish – Brock Lesnar wins.

Jason Miles:  Taker is in much better shape than his last match with Lesnar and looks better than he did against Bray. The brawl a few weeks ago was well done. Lesnar is a freak of nature! And the tweener thing works for him. The only thing is, this is Lesnar doesn’t need the win situation. I think the result leads to a big build up for Taker’s next match against another legend at WrestleMania. Winner: Taker

Bill Bodkin: My worst fear is that Kane returns to attack his brother, or helps his brother. I think the WWE has painted themselves into a corner, but in the end Undertaker wins.

Jon Lister: While certain not to be as one-sided as the last time, they really over-hyped this match which is based more on nostalgia than actual wrestling.  Since Taker is nine months early on his return and Lesnar has been on TV for over two months now, I expect Lesnar to win once again and this won’t be an ongoing feud for months to come.  Lesnar will return in time for Survivor Series and Taker will be back (hopefully) in time for WM.

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