Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye Issue #43

transformers cover page

Following the conclusion of the rescue of the Vis Vitalis and Thunderclash being saved from having his spark extinguished, the crew of the Lost Light opted to celebrate, Earth-style in the form of a disco party. The final page of the comic saw Swerve suddenly vanish without a trace.

This might be the funniest and entertaining issue of the series. Completely breaking fourth walls, using an altered form of the Cheers theme, and Tailgate actually reading the same comic we are.

Or so we thought. Nightbeat was able to discern it was not swerve, but a holomatter projection. Without getting too spoiler-ish, but Swerve, like many of us, love to binge-watch television, and that is exactly what he has been doing. Binge watching Earth-TV to the point where he has been found in his hab-suite, unconscious and nearing death’s door.

The ship is suddenly being chased by an Earth-like planet, so an initial crew create their own human-like holo projections to infiltrate and figure out how to save Swerve. The fake Earth and Swerve are related. Characters like Cyclonus and Bluestreak take female forms, which seem a bit confusing, and there is some focus on why Cyclonus chose his avatar. Ultimately, the crew finds more than just Swerve having a mental problem.

transformers panel

It is a culmination of events, some by accident, some on purpose, in which we find the lovable Swerve in a situation which we often find ourselves. Tired, alone, confused, seeking purpose in life. Binge watching television and wishing we could send a clone to do our work for us, in an effort to escape the anxiety ridden reality. In this case, Swerve is somehow able to accomplish this, with disastrous results.

The most shocking event comes in the final two pages, as First Aid drops a major bombshell on us all, the possibility of a soon-to-be-returning D… J… D.

The Decepticon Justice Division.

Someone is going to die.