I get WWE is doing something new, with this live from Madison Square Garden bit, broadcasting a live event through the WWE Network. If I recall correctly, years ago they would do exclusive broadcasts from MSG on the MSG network, but I could be wrong.


The main event being pushed is Brock Lesnar vs. the Big Show. Back in 2002, it was a big deal, as the Big Show defeated Brock to win the WWE Championship after Paul Heyman turned on the then-youngest champion in WWE history. Brock was a NCAA wrestling champ.


That was then, this is now.


Now, Brock is a former UFC champion. He is a wrecking machine. The Beast Incarnate. The Cabbie to Suplex City. This is a very different Brock Lesnar than the one of over a decade ago. The Brock was have now is pushed to perception as a monster. The old Brock was simply a great wrestling machine. Sure, suplexes are great to watch, but it is a different era now, and while the old fans enjoy multiple suplexes, the younger fans want to see Brock destroy.


I get Big Show got some decent wins lately, but please, does he have a believable chance of being put over Brock a month before Lesnar goes back in the ring against the Undertaker? Not a chance. Big Show is starting to go the way of Kane and Mark Henry, the big old guys who are still around, and around to give the push to someone else, or used as fodder for others to “look strong.”


Chris Jericho ate the loss at Night of Champions, whether to make the Wyatt Family look strong or to tease an upcoming feud with Dean Ambrose. Truth is, Ambrose doesn’t need Jericho to look good, the guy does that on his own. But a win in a feud with Jericho certainly can’t hurt either.


Moving onto Sting. I feel so bad for him. I really do. I bet money WWE was going to start putting Sting into more programs, but this injury opened a lot of eyes. This is not the first time a major injury affected the locker room, but this one hit home for everyone. This is Sting we are talking about. Remember Jerry Lawler? He is still around, but for a while he had a feud with The Miz during his WWE Championship run. Shortly after, Lawler has a heart attack. Guys getting up there in age need to be careful. Sure, once in a while is one thing, but to go for broke and try to pull off a match like it’s yesteryear? Don’t do it. Sting’s career might be over. His interview I read on WWE.com was so vague, even the dirtsheets didn’t bother analyzing it because there was nothing to analyze. The guy got hurt, bad, and now he needs to think about whether he wants to risk winding up paralyzed for the rest of his life.


Someone give Edge a call, I think he can provide ample education. He was the smart one, got out before it got bad.


Mick Foley put it out there he does not like how WWE has booked Cesaro. Newsflash, NO ONE DOES! Cesaro needs a push and needs it now. WWE creative has GOT to hear the crowd eruptions when his siren hits. His jobbing to Big Show was unnecessary, but I get why they scripted it. Show needed a “big” win. But Cesaro as fodder? Uch. Cesaro needs to feud with Kevin Owens, and this needs to happen right damn now.


Paige’s pipe bomb promo seemed to fizzle a bit, but the ripple-effect is still there. Can the WWE Divas be taken seriously? Charlotte as champion was inevitable, and I am sure many question whether it was too soon for the push. The flip side, is if she did not win, then would the NXT women appear as useless as the mainstream roster? WWE needs to tread carefully where they take the women’s wrestling now. Very carefully.