The WWE-EK: Evening Edition

week-1024x481WADE BARRETT GOT A WIN on Monday Night RAW. Good for him. I was very happy to see that. The guy has been on an insane losing streak, so when he earned the pinfall on Monday night, I jumped for joy.


I jumped when Alberto del Rio returned at Hell in a Cell. I have to agree with a friend of mine, who felt the return of ADR should have been saved for later in the card, rather than the curtain jerker of the show. My guess is WWE wanted to start the show with the crowd hot, rather than potentially getting the crowd hopped up, only to lose the momentum with an unpredictable main event. Only gripe is he’s being saddled with this bizarre MexAmerica gimmick with Zeb Colter. Unless Jack Swagger returns and brings in a third man to make a small stable, I just do not see this working out. Alberto del Rio is fully capable of being on the mic all by himself, he does not need a spokesman. I hope this does not ruin his run as United States Champion.


No sign of John Cena. No appearance asking for a rematch. He’s just gone. Vanished.


Lesnar vs. Undertaker was decent. Not their best, not their worst. I wonder if this whole low-blow bit was some sort of inside joke. Seems to be a running theme between them to get punched in the nuts at some point. Did not like Brock blading (OH COME ON IT WAS DAMN OBVIOUS) so early in the match. No Suplex City. Maybe three or four the whole match? Brock winning or Taker winning does nothing. Both are part-timers, Brock is always “The Beast” and Undertaker is always “The Deadman.” Undertaker already lost to Brock at WrestleMania, the dusty-finish at SummerSlam made Taker look weak, and since WWE’s attempt at a heel turn failed, they went with pitting Undertaker vs. The Wyatt Family right away. Since the hype is the Undertaker’s anniversary since his debut, I expect fully a Team Taker vs. Wyatt Family. It is obvious it will be Kane joining, and I think Dean Ambrose should be next. With Roman Reigns next as fodder for Seth Rollins, Ambrose makes sense. Reigns being pushed instantly to main event is a decent idea, as now Reigns has had enough time to saddle himself in a better position with the fans.


Not so happy to see Kevin Owens remain saddled with mid-card hell. His feud with Ryback should be done, but WWE is doing their rule of threes, so unless they wind up on separate sides of a Survivor Series match, we get one more bout.


I would like to see what they did in 1989. Have eight teams, with the survivors of one bracket of teams face the survivor of another bracket of teams. Could be fun.


Anyone else think that Tyler Breeze vs. Dolph Ziggler is really old Dolph Ziggler vs. current Dolph Ziggler. Sans selfie stick.


Not happy with the decay of women’s wrestling. Was going great, but now the NXT women have been sucked into drama black hole of worthlessness.


Brock Lesnar should not be allowed to talk. WWE went batshit crazy on YouTube and made sure every clip of Brock’s comments about Paul Heyman was erased. What comments? How about “We gotta feed the Jew.” Honestly Jews don’t care. We can take a joke. Hell, Heyman constantly makes Jewish remarks on television. Problem is Brock is scripted. He is a phony. “I don’t like people” or “I just want to hurt everyone.” It’s bull. It is all crap. It is Brock trying to be the “character of Brock Lesnar” and we do not want to hear it. We wanted a real Brock Lesnar really talking about his time with UFC and his NCAA background and his career successes. Instead we got a broken record or someone trying to convince us he is a real badass. We wound up with a boring podcast which even Stone Cold Steve Austin seemed bored of.


NXT continues to be awesome. I watched a great tag team match. NXT programming continues to maintain a consistent delivery of quality programming.


I proclaim Impact Wrestling dead.