TV Recap: Scream Queens, ‘Boonestruck’

Written by Tommy Tracy

SCREAM QUEENS: Cast Pictured L-R: Lucien Laviscount, Glen Powell, Nasim Pedrad, Nick Jonas, Billie Lourd, Ariana Grande, Abigail Breslin, Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Skyler Samuels, Diego Boneta, Keke Palmer, Oliver Hudson, Lea Michele and Niecy Nash in SCREAM QUEENS which debuts with a special, two-hour series premiere event on Tuesday, September 22 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Matthias Clamer/FOX.
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Warning: Full Spoilers Ahead

Hmmm. I struggled to find the right words for this episode and all that I could come up with was…hmmm. Don’t get me wrong; “Boonestruck” was fine and offered a lot of laughs and a good amount of deaths but in the long run, it seemed jumbled and confused as to what to do.

Last week we got the much-anticipated return of Boone and I truly missed his antics. He’s ridiculous and that’s what Scream Queens is all about. His arc was interesting; he wants to kill Gigi and wants the second Red Devil to be in on it. He’s also the Devil that was in love with Zayday a few episodes back, apparently not being gay. It seemed a bit forced honestly. And the fact that he tried to convince her he was a ghost was also disappointing because Chad and Chanel #3 might be stupid enough to believe it but Zayday and Grace aren’t and he screwed that one up BIG TIME. Now everyone knows he faked his death and he is definitely a killer. He’s screwing up big time. Don’t worry; we’ll get back to that.

Photo Credit: Patti Perret/FOX.
Photo Credit: Patti Perret/FOX.

Chad and Chanel break up again (because, of course) because Hester claims that she’s carrying his child. This causes a huge rift between the three and also means that Chanel can’t attend the Radwell Thanksgiving in the Hamptons. This is apparently a thing and a thing both ladies want to go to. A ring will most likely be involved and let’s face it, Chad is the best.

Officer Denise is, sadly, the weakest character this week. Whenever she gets scared she needs to tell a ghost story to combat her fear. This is where I lost interest. Yes, this show is stupid. But it’s stupid in a creative way, mixing ridiculous horror and over the top humor but there is always an aura of realism to it. Denise throws all logic out the window by getting attacked by the Devil and then locking herself in a room with the Chanel’s and forcing them to tell ghost stories so her blood pressure lowers. I mean, what the hell? Why was this a thing? The ghost stories could have been told in a different way and still worked (because one comes back later) but instead it needs to be squeezed into a scene that makes no sense.

Photo Credit: Steve Dietl/FOX.
Photo Credit: Steve Dietl/FOX.

We get some interesting deaths in this episode. For one, Zayday’s boyfriend, Earl Grey (I wish I was making that up) gets his from a jealous Boone. This was so slasher because the two were about to do the deed and, if you know slasher rules, means instant death. A random trucker also gets it while trying to save Chanel #5 and this one is pretty humorous. After #5 kicks him in the crotch for scaring her he’s then stabbed while explaining he’s a hero. I felt so bad for him but couldn’t help but laugh at his misfortune. Lastly, we get Boone’s official death. Boone enlists the help of the second Devil to take out Gigi. It’s also FINALLY confirmed that Boone is the baby in the tub…but WAIT! There was a second child and both of those children were raised by Gigi in the asylum. That would screw anyone up and I kind of see why they’re killers now. Anyway, as Boone makes his way towards Gigi to finish her off, Devil #2 stabs him and leaves him on the floor to bleed out.

Look, “Boonestruck” was just fine. It had a lot of problems with story, pace and logic but when it was on, it was on. A lot of great humor and a nice revelation at the end made up for the weakness of everything else. With only three episodes left I’m confident that we will be getting the best episodes yet. So far, this was the worst episode but still, passable.

Boonestruck Final Grade: 6.5/10

In Memoriam

Earl Grey

Honking Trucker

Boone (for real this time, I think)