Interview: Like-Minded


Liked Mined Is (Band Members & Instruments They Play): Cait Darcy- Vocals/Guitar, Ryan Mortola- Drums, Nick Hertzberg- Guitar/Vocals/Keys

We Formed In: 2014

We’re Based Out Of: Ocean County, New Jersey

You’ve Seen Us in Other Bands Before: Cait has played across the state for years as a solo act and with her band Surrender Darcy. Nick and Ryan spent some time in These Branches, amongst other projects.

New Music Coming Out: Our first, self-recorded EP will be released January 1st, 2016. We will have a single or two out before then.

Think back to your first shows — what mistakes have you learned from the most?


From our experience in previous bands, we have learned to watch our liquor intake and always bring extra guitar cables. Never can have too many of those.

On October 21, you announced your Facebook that there were changes coming — what changes happened, and how has this impacted the band?

Our original bass player, Paul, decided to leave the band. The split was amicable and we wish him the best in his future projects. With that said, we ARE looking for a new bassist currently.

You’re working on your new record, what’s your favorite song off of it? What did you guys learn about yourselves as band making this record?

Our favorite song is probably the last one we wrote, entitled “Get Sick.” On the album the songs are ordered in the sequence we wrote them in… it just worked out that way. “Get Sick” represents, more or less, the direction the band is headed in. We learned that despite everyone’s hectic schedules outside of the band, we were able to come together and create something on our own that we are proud of.

What’s the wildest thing that’s ever happened at one of your shows?

We’ve only had one “full-band” show as Like-Minded thus far, but someone ordered the ‘vegan bean soup’ at that one…that was wild.

If someone had never heard your band before and you had to recommend one song for them to check in order for them to truly ‘get’ what your band is about – what song would it be and why?

Again, probably “Get Sick.” It not only summarizes the entire first album effectively, as far as the tone of the lyrics and style, but it shows where we are moving to. Expect more piano, ambience and “space” in the upcoming material (which we have already begun writing).

There are so many bands in the Asbury scene right now – what separates you guys from everyone else?

We’re not exactly from “inside” Asbury, but we have played there with previous projects before and always visit for shows/activities. With that said, we have seen nothing but amazing support from the Asbury Park music scene since the beginning of Like-Minded. When it comes down to it, we’re all just friends who want to make music at the end of the day, and the support and togetherness of everyone in Asbury Park is something that you can’t get anywhere else.

What do you love most about being in this band?

Getting to collaborate and work on music with people you love and trust.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2015?

Trying to plan a New Years Eve album release show…getting a single or two online before year’s end…releasing the album on 01.01.16. Then try to play out as much as we can while writing some new material!

Like-Minded performs tonight at Happy Mondays at The Wonder Bar with Denizens of Soil and Ron Santee of The Battery Electric.

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