TV Recap: Angel from Hell, Series Premiere

Written by Jennifer Amato


The opening line of Angel From Hell set the tone for the rest of the show, hinted at the rest of the season, and exemplified the deadpan sarcasm actress Jane Lynch is known for.

Lynch portrays magician Amy, a guardian angel sent down to protect Dr. Allison, played by Maggie Lawson. Although the connection between the two is left very vague, the closing scene shows Allison looking at a picture from her childhood in which Amy is peering over her – a tactic that piques the viewer’s interest enough to watch at least the next episode.

However, foreshadowing was not necessary as the refreshing storyline and comedic script are enough to draw watchers back. With one-liners such as “If we [two short people] had kids, they’d be jockeys,” “You sound like a project – Get your toolbox ready” and “I have an antihistamine somewhere because you’re allergic to fun,” it is evident Lynch will be hysterical as she delivers quips and bites of sarcasm that she’s always known for.

While Lynch does sound a little bit like the Long Island Medium while she’s trying to prove to Allison that she is sent down to “safeguard her journey through this world,” she expresses herself in a caring yet mocking way. She has a penchant for crème de menthe, she lies to Allison about having cancer just to get her to talk to her, and she scares Allison by telling her she’s about to get hit by a bus – in a sardonic way, all are successful attempts at humor (hence the “hell” part.)

I think the storyline has a lot of potential, but I hope the rest of the cast will be able to support Lynch’s superb comic ability. The characters seem a bit dry, but I’ve noticed that tends to be the norm with new shows, especially the pilot episode, until the actors become comfortable with one another.
I am looking forward to, of course, figuring out who Amy really is and what her true connection is to Allison, but I also can’t wait to hear more of the jokes offered by Lynch and her counterparts. She is definitely the star of the show, as she usually is, and “Angel from Hell” does not disappoint.

Rating: 8/10

Angel from Hell airs Thursday nights on CBS

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