TV Recap: NXT February 3rd Episode

Written by Tommy Tracy


NXT February 3rd Episode

Another week, another NXT and this week we’re promised a rematch between NXT Champion Finn Balor and Apollo Crews to FINALLY see who the better man is, uninterrupted. We also get some fallout of the controversy surrounding the NXT #1 Contender’s Match as well as seeing more with Carmella and Bayley (who meet next week).

-We open the show with the Vaudevillains taking on the Hype Bros. Apparently the Vaudevillains are heels again, even without a turn but that’s okay with me. As over as they are, they called VILLAINS not HEROES. Anyway, solid match between the four and the Vaudevillains take the win.

-We get a promo with Carmella and she’s as respectful as ever towards Bayley. Ho-hum.

-We then get a promo with Dash and Dawson, claiming Enzo and Cass are all bark and no bite. They grant them a rematch. I like our tag champs but God, please, give the belt to Enzo and Cass.

-Carmella hits the ring and faces off against Emma, with Dana Brooke at her side. Look, Emma is a damn fine wrestler and Brooke has improved in the ring but I just don’t like these two. That goes to show you their effectiveness as heels however. Carmella wins with a  fluke pin but still looks strong going into her Women’s Title Match next week.

-Enzo and Cass arrive and it’s show time. Or…so we think. This crowd is D.E.A.D., as only about half of them recite the “My name is Enzo Amore” spiel. What happened? The best two on the mic and no one is jumping. That being said, they call Dash & Dawson SAWFT and easily beat two jobbers who weren’t even given names.

-We get a promo with Apollo Crews. He’s still a tad bit shaky on the mic but leaps and bounds better than he was in August last year. He says he can’t wait to see who will the match between him and Finn, a sentiment shared by Finn later in the show.

Regal is at his desk and claims that we will experience Sami v. Joe in two weeks to determine a #1 Contender. Well that’s stupid. By all logic, Zayn had Corbin in the Sharpshooter before Joe locked in the Crossface, thus he should have won. But whatever, that match should be awesome. Corbin sulks in saying the whole match should be restarted but Regal says no, you tapped out. Logic, represent.

Asuka wrestles unnamed female jobber and wins easily but this girl she wrestled (Santana Garrett) looked decent. Possible contract in her future? Can we just bring back Blue Pants?

-And now on to the main event, and what a main event it was. Both guys looked incredibly strong, putting together a series of their greatest hits. Crews nails an insane Samoan Drop on Balor. He then goes for an outside moonsault but misses and is then hit by Balor’s flying senton. The back and forth continues but ends with Balor’s Coup De Grace and an Impaler Suplex for the win. Afterwards, the two shake hands in an ultimate show of respect. What a great match they had, too. Do you have the Network? Yes? Then replay this match. It was great.

-Awesome job this week by the talent. Even the squash matches were entertaining, even if the crowd was dead. I look forward to next week.

Bold Prediction: Bayley turns heel on Carmella instead of Carmella going heel. It would make for a much more interesting and sad storyline. Imagine the huggers!

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