TV Recap: NXT February 10th episode

Written by Tommy Tracy


NXT February 10, 2016

The long awaited NXT Women’s Championship between Bayley and Carmella (aka Baymella) is upon us and it’s sure to be a great showcase for Bayley and a huge opportunity for the Princess of Staten Island. Without further ado, this…is NXT.

-We kick off the show with Baron Corbin taking on Johnny Gargano. Poor kid, he’s gonna be fed to the (lone) wolves. Gargano comes out strong, frustrating the big man and not letting him get much offense early on. Sadly for Johnny Wrestling, it doesn’t last long and Corbin begins his onslaught, destroying this kid. Say what you want about Corbin, the dude is a natural heel and an amazing powerhouse. Gargano mounts a small comeback, stunning Corbin and getting him to within a 2.9 on the count. Corbin ends it (pun fully intended) with the End of Days but wow…what a match. This made both men look strong and Gargano is going to be a star in NXT for a long time to come.

-Backstage with Sami Zayn saying he can’t wait to prove himself against Samoa Joe next week. Neither can we Sami. Neither can we.

-I see two guys in the ring and automatically think squash match. But against who? Dash & Dawson? The Vaudevillains? No, the Hype Bros. Okay, that’s fine, they definitely need a win. But I don’t know who hates these guys more, Corey Graves or me. Regardless, they win very easily. Well, that was eventful.

-Backstage we meet up with Baymella and it’s all sugar, spice and everything nice. Bayley is wearing a kickass Four Horsewomen shirt that I need yesterday. It definitely seems like one of these two will be turning heel (probably Carmella) but I would be happy with a face v. face match, too.

Alexa Bliss makes her beautiful way to the ring dressed in Freddy Krueger garb and getting my horror and wrestler jangle in a tangle. She’s taking on former Funkadactyl Cameron and, yeah, ew. She’s awful. We all know this. I don’t think I’ve seen someone look this unsure of ones self in the ring since Nathan Jones (there’s your dated reference of the night, folks). Thankfully, Bliss finishes her off with a top rope splash and ends our misery. It takes two to make a good match but only one to royally F it up. Bliss did a good job. So take that for what it’s worth.

-Backstage we see Enzo and Big Cass who are joined by American Alpha. This was incredible. We all know how great Enzo and Cass are on the mic but Gable is a hidden gem. He will be GREAT one day. Mark my words.

Elias Samson hits the ring with his guitar and his stupid Heath Slater attire, taking on former TNA (ew) talent, Jesse Sorensen. I’m rooting for Sorensen and sadly this is a solid job by the man. The crowd chants “Drift Away” to Elias and it’s obvious he’s not working. Dude is a mediocre wrestler with a gimmick he can’t do. It’s a badass gimmick. Give it to someone with talent, please.

Apollo Crews backstage, congratulating Balor on his win last week and promising a new Crews.

-Main event time and what a main event it was. We all know how good Bayley is in the ring but Carmella, while improved, is still a bit weaker. But these two brought out something in each other and, while not the best match Bayley has ever had, definitely the best Carmella has. It was back and forth action and it did look like we’d crown a new champ today. Smart booking by not having Bayley win decisively either. The two hug it out afterwards and while Bayley is celebrating, Eva Marie and Nia Jax attack Carmella. The two are saved by Asuka who stares down Jax as she exits the ring. Asuka then stares at Bayley’s title and smiles as the show ends. Now THAT is a match I’d pay for.

Overall, very solid NXT. I do miss having quality programming for the full hour (and not this Elias Sampson crap) but the surprise match of Corbin’s and the amazing Women’s Championship match were outstanding.