TV Recap: The Muppets, ‘Got Silk?’

The first two episodes of The Muppets’ television “reboot” has proven that the changes were mostly successful. However, last night’s “Got Silk?” was a quiet mess that I ultimately didn’t care for.

The Muppets

For our first portion of the story, it seems that Miss Piggy is in need of some pals. Her diva-ish attitude has been working against her, and save for Kermit, she hasn’t really been able to latch onto anyone. Her assistant, Deadly, tries to point her in the right direction, even attending a Aerial Silk Climbing class with her. Nothing seems to work out for Piggy, until she comes to the realization that Deadly has been a force in her life and that she’s had a friend in him all along. This is when Ingrid Michaelson steps in, singing “The Way I Am,” and Deadly helps Piggy sing the lyrics. The song also serves as a nice touch to symbolize the friendship between pig and monster. Sadly, I was not really in tune with either character’s goals and despite Deadly being at Piggy’s beck and call for a while, this relationship felt somewhat forced.

Meanwhile, Kermit has his own problems, as the network representative, Pizza/Pache (Utkarsh Ambudkar) wants his writers to advertise frozen yogurt on the show. Kermit says no, so Pizza/Pache whisks Pepe, Gonzo, and Rizzo away to a fancy tailor to get new suits. Pizza/Pache brings up the frozen yogurt plug again, but when RuPaul shows up, his idea comes crashing down as RuPaul is requested as a guest of Up Late to fill in for the frozen yogurt ad. Blah.

Neither one of these stories really win, and in the end, while I felt that there were some subtle, nice moments, ultimately “Got Silk” proved to be a wasted effort of an episode that should’ve had my attention but didn’t. Also, I’m over Pizza/Pache and his swarmy attitude. He served his purpose in the beginning, as a plot point, and that was good enough for me. Please get rid of him. Thanks.


Rating: 5/10

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