TV Recap: NXT February 17th Recap

Written by Tommy Tracy


NXT February 17, 2016

I couldn’t help but notice before this week’s show that I have no idea what we’re in store for this week. I didn’t read any promotional material or look at the events results before the show. So I am just as in the dark as everyone else about this week’s episode of NXT but you know what? That’s awesome. Let’s do this.

-The two most over tag teams in the business start the show…could it get any better than this? Enzo & Cass and American Alpha (dressed in their best 1994 Steiner Bros. attire) team up to take on Team BAMF and Dash & Dawson. This match is here to prove how incredible NXT’s tag division is and what a job it does. This was non-stop action and all teams involved look great. I’m surprised the tag champs took the loss here but not that big of a deal. Great match and great opening segment. How you doin’?

Deona Purrazo backstage talking about Asuka and she’s definitely reading from a script. Incredibly bland. She’s interrupted by Dana Brooke and Emma and, yeah…things were said. Brooke sucks on the mic. Plain and simple. Emma was fine but this was a useless segment.

-Purrazo and Asuka are up next. Decent match between the two but it was a forgone conclusion Asuka would win. Purrazo receives a “You F***ed Up” chant from the crowd after slapping her opponent. Quite funny. Asuka is great. Purrazo is improving.

-I’ll give Eva Marie this. What she lacks in the ring she makes up for on talking skills because she gets the fans to truly hate her with her bitch attitude. Much respect, girl.

-Every time I see Tye Dillinger make his entrance I know 10/10 times (pun intended) he’s going to do the job. Alex Riley is up next and shows a lot of his anger and frustration from last week. Somehow, Dillinger pulls out the win. I’m happy, the crowd is happy but A-Ry is pissed. Solid match, though.

-Our NXT Champion is backstage, putting over Sami Zayn and Samoa Joe. Can we just get a Triple Threat please?

-Samoa Joe is an independent legend, there’s no doubt about that but the reaction Sami Zayn gets every time his music hits is phenomenal. Zayn, when called up, can hit Daniel Bryan’s level on reactions alone and I can’t wait to hear “Ole” chants ring throughout WrestleMania one day. These guys put on one hell of a match, a true David v. Goliath story between two great talents. After a Kokina Clutch reversal, Zayn hits Joe with the Helluva Kick and as he pins Joe, both of their shoulders are on the mat for the three count. I feel this is brilliant. Are they setting up a rematch for the #1 contendership? Maybe a Triple Threat match for the NXT Championship? This is excellent story telling, something we would have seen in the 1980’s. This is the best NXT we’ve had all year and I can’t wait for next week.

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