Pop-Break Preview: WWE Fast Lane

WWE Fast Lane


I absolutely despise the new WWE.com. It looks more congested than Buzzfeed or one of those click-bait websites with big photos and text just forcing eyes to dart all over the screen. Does WWE think that having a similar appearance to Kotaku will generate more views?

I wanted to preview WWE Fast Lane for tonight, and I will, but I had to head on over to Wikipedia just to get a damn listing of tonight’s matches.

The old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” certainly applies.

Onto tonight’s event, WWE Fast Lane, a lot of these matches were seen coming weeks before they were announced. A lot of these matches have potential. In a surprise, while RAW seemed to lack the go-home feel before a pay-per-view, it was SmackDown which picked up the pace and gave the fans the hype and push needed for Fast Lane. Could this be the start of an ongoing trend. I always wondered why SmackDown was not the go-home show prior to a PPV? RAW is Monday, SmackDown was Friday, now Thursdays. It makes sense, since there are fewer days in between. But we know RAW is typically the “bigger” production. Something to think about.


United States Championship: Alberto del Rio vs. Kalisto in a Best 2-out-of-3-Falls Match

Someone needs to be fired for making this the goddamn pre-show match. This should be on the main card. Alberto del Rio is the only League of Nations member currently watchable, because Rusev has grown old and stale, Sheamus is careful not to get reinjured, and Barrett, well, we know where he is heading. Damn shame too. Can’t say I blame Barrett, and I can’t blame WWE either. I’m calling Kalisto taking it because this feud while really good, will lose the novelty fast if they have yet another match. Alberto del Rio has zilch to gain with another U.S. Title run, because his current gimmick with this stable is doing no favors and a champion buried in mid-card hell diminishes a championship.


Edge & Christian host The New Day

This segment will be hysterical. There is nothing else I need to say. This might be segment of the year.


Intercontinental Championship Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens

They have already put on quite a few great one-on-one matches on both RAW and SmackDown, so why will Fast Lane be different? It won’t, and it shouldn’t be. We can expect superkicks, crazy bumps, and Owens will lose his marbles, yell at the announce team, and overall be a giant jerk throughout the match, which is what we want to see. Owens just got the title, I can’t see him dropping it so quickly. Winner and still Champ: Kevin Owens


The Wyatt Family vs. Big Show, Kane, Ryback

This should have been the pre-show match. Wyatts should get the easy win. They have mauled through everyone, and having them take out the big guys will continue their roll to WrestleMania. I believe Mark Henry would have been better instead of Ryback, but we know he is currently taking it easy on account of his recent injury.


Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks vs. Naomi & Tamina

I feel bad for Team B.A.D. since they are placeholders for this one. They are talented, but the fans want to see the NXT women tear the house down. Which will happen. I see Lynch and Banks taking the win, and then Banks turning on Lynch to throw a challenge to Charlotte at WrestleMania.


WWE Divas Championship: Brie Bella vs. Charlotte

No. No. No. As much as we think Brie will win the title just to throw some respect towards Daniel Bryan, it is not going to happen. Thanks to some Ric Flair trickery, Charlotte will retain. She may not win, but somehow keep the title, likely by DQ.


AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho

We got a few matches already, and this will be the big one. What irks me was the set up. We saw this coming. Even with The Miz thrown in to try to throw us off, the Jericho acting heelish, teasing a declined challenge, we knew the match would happen. Would have been better at WrestleMania, but Fast Lane needed to showcase both. A win for Styles is what we expect, as Jericho is known for putting over the newer talents. A loss for Styles shows us he is human. A win for Jericho would be fine, depending on how he wins, meaning whether clean or by underhanded tactics. The only issue, is Jericho is not going anywhere. Jericho is Jericho. He just is. Is there. There is nowhere for him to go. A loss for Jericho doesn’t do anything either. Jericho has become that neutral guy.

Winner: AJ Styles


#1 Contender to face Triple H for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania

Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar

As SmackDown showed, Lesnar is the guy to beat. In weeks prior, it appeared as though Reigns and Ambrose would have their act together, but we just saw it potentially collapse. Tonight, Ambrose and Reigns will likely attempt to overwhelm Brock Lesnar from the opening bell, and eventually they will have to go after each other. They did face off at the end of the tournament when Seth Rollins had to vacate due to injury. I love how WWE is teasing Ambrose as main event championship material. I would love it to happen. I really would. But if it does, it will not be until Seth Rollins comes back, and Ambrose would have to win at Money in the Bank. This, I could see. As of now, it comes down to Brock vs. Triple H or Reigns vs. Triple H, and both have the prior backstory to be believable challengers. Unless Brock goes to Mania for the championship and Reigns vs. Ambrose happens in a Steel Cage or something crazy. This is a tough call, but I am going to make it.

Winner and Heading to WrestleMania to face Triple H for the WWE Championship: Roman Reigns