TV Review: Edge and Christian Reek of Awesomeness


The first Edge and Christian Show is pretty funny. They begin with some random hijinx, capped off with Vince welcoming Edge back. When Christian asks Vince if he likes him, Vince replies “Don’t you read the internet?” I hate you.

The theme is firsts, and they flash back to their debuts in WWE. It’s great to see them have fun with their own gimmicks. Soon, we are greeted by a John Cena puppet who introduces the time when Chris Jericho made his debut on RAW, interrupting The Rock. Edge and Christian pull off some Shakespeare-style reenactment of the altercation.

We get a lot of odd bits featuring different moments in history, such as the Beach Blast WCW movie, and a “redemption”-like segment featuring the Shockmaster.

Funny show for a half-hour. Edge and Christian have a great chemistry, although some bits seem a bit forced, they make up for it with self-deprecation when it goes nowhere.

A good mix of unique ideas, making fun of some of the more wish-we-could-forget moments in wrestling history, and some oddball humor make this a definite watch.