TV Recap: Better Call Saul, ‘Cobbler’



Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) starts his new job at Davis & Main and continues his courtship of Kim (Rhea Seehorn). Mike (Jonathan Banks) helps Daniel (Mark Proksch) get out of two messy predicaments. Meanwhile, Chuck (Michael McKean) tries to pick his life back up.

After last week’s stellar season 2 premiere, Better Call Saul dives head first into a new status quo. Jimmy took a job with Davis & Main, he’s continuing to work on the nursing home scandal case, and has started a relationship with Kim. Everything seems to be going well for James McGill, but no matter how successful or happy his life becomes, he will always be Slippin’ Jimmy.

As we saw in last week’s premiere, Jimmy was perfectly fine with abandoning his practice, blowing off his dream job, and living the rest of his life one con at a time. The only thing that seemed to matter to him was Kim.

While ‘Cobbler’ may not be as eventful as the season premiere, it does set up a few of the storylines for the rest of the season. Mike finds out that Daniel tried to go through the police to recover his missing baseball cards and agrees to help him retrieve them from Nacho (Michael Mando).

The episode opens with Howard (Patrick Fabian) visiting Chuck, who is still a shut in who can’t be near any electronic devices. Howard tells Chuck that Jimmy has started working for Davis & Main. Chuck’s not too happy about the situation and he decides that he needs to start getting out of the house so Jimmy doesn’t ruin his company.

It looks like Jimmy is set with his new life and girlfriend, until he gets a call from Mike asking to help Daniel with the police. Jimmy uses his quick thinking to get Daniel off the hook by telling the police there were video tapes of Daniel doing strange sex acts hidden in the house, not drugs. When Jimmy tells Kim about his other client, Kim is obviously upset that he would risk his dream job by planting fake evidence. Jimmy now realizes he can’t have both a normal life and the life of Slippin’ Jimmy.

Overall, ‘Cobbler’ is a strong second episode that features great performances throughout. Jonathan Banks continues to shine in each scene he’s in. It’s fun watching Jimmy slowly become Saul, but what will push him over the edge? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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