Written By Alisha Weinberger


The MCU gets bigger and stranger

It’s been a busy 2016 for Marvel. Civil War (more importantly silver-screen Spider-Man) is around the corner. Season two of Daredevil rekindled the love for the fan favorite Punisher while dropping a teaser for Luke Cage also to premier on Netflix. And, Game of Thrones’ Finn Jones was named the Immortal Iron Fist. Marvel’s cinematic universe just keeps growing with no end in site, covering nearly all corners of Marvel’s comic book universe. 

This morning Variety confirmed Disney-owned network Freeform (formerly ABC Family) has greenlit a live-action Cloak & Dagger series. The premise of the series will follow the basic comic book origins of the super couple, while appealing to Freeform’s young adult demographic. The romance of two teens, Tandy and Tyrone, will be tested as they find themselves plunged in a world of superpowers and heroics. True to their comic book counterparts, Tandy will be able to emit daggers of lights, and Tyrone will dawn a cloak that can engulf others in darkness. Although unlike their in-print selves, in 2011 Marvel’s head of television announced the Cloak and Dagger series was to be set in a post-Katrina New Orleans, it is still unknown whether this setting will remain true for the 2016 announcement.

Their direct connection to the MCU has yet to be confirmed nor has a show writer been named. However, considering Freeform is Disney owned and both ABC’s Agent Carter and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have both recently explored the Darkforce Dimension (from which Cloak’s powers are derived), a cross-over is likely, at least with ABC’s side of the MCU. Cloak & Dagger, along with the impending Dr. Strange film, Marvel’s live-action titles maybe heading towards the supernatural and mystical side of the universe.

Photo courtesy of Marvel.

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