TV Recap: The Goldbergs, ‘Dungeons and Dragons, Anyone?’


Due to his personality and stature, Adam (Sean Giambrone) is normally picked last to be on a team in gym class. This constant occurrence has really worn thin on him, so he approaches Coach Miller (Bryan Callen) about wanting to change things up a bit, so Miller allows Adam to be a captain of a team. When he thinks he will pick all his friends, Barry (Troy Gentile) tells them that he needs to capitalize on the opportunity and choose those who will lead him to a win. He follows his brothers advice, and ends up offending buddy Dave Kim (Kenny Ridwan). When the coach discovers Adam doing the same thing he’s been trying to avoid, Miller offers Dave a chance at revenge, using any game he wants. Dave Kim chooses Dungeons and Dragons, of course. Adam has to stay a part of the team he chose as captain, and becomes frustrated when the more athletic members playing don’t know what to do, as they aren’t as good as Adam. They express this though to the youngest Goldberg, and everyone in that moment sees eye to eye.

Back in the gym, the two teams battle it out (for four hours, much to Coach Miller’s dismay). When Adam and Dave are the only ones left, Adam sacrifices himself to earn back his friend. Awwww.

Meanwhile, Erica (Hayley Orrantia) is looking at colleges, and her heart is set on Carnegie Melon University. When Erica begins talking about it, Beverly (Wendi McLendon-Covey) is so against her daughter’s wishes, but when she sees how happy Erica is talking about the prospects, she immediately wants to see Erica achieve her dreams. Playing the opposite card entirely, Murray (Jeff Garlin) can’t grasp his daughter going away, but budges when all three of them discuss the possibilities at the end of the episode.

Focusing on that story line, the dynamic of the family will definitely change when Erica is off to college, so my questioning is when will that finally happen? Even though the five of them play off each other very well, there is no doubt that one child will have to fly the coop soon, that being the oldest. It’s going to be an interesting change.

While this wasn’t one of the better Goldbergs entries this season, it still was very entertaining, and it was nice to see Adam have the upper hand for once over the kids who normally turn him down. While Barry could’ve been utilized more, all in all, “Dungeons and Dragons, Anyone?” was a fun watch.

Rating: 7.5/10

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