Preview: Texas Frightmare Weekend 2016


From the name and advertising of the convention, one might think Texas Frightmare Weekend is only for horror fans. The truth is quite the contrary. While the weekend certainly is directed more towards the horror loving population, there are celebrity guests in attendance for everyone. With a quick glance at the guest list, one might find a few guests from their favorite comedy films, their childhood favorites or even their favorite television shows.

For example, in attendance to promote Scream are Matthew Lillard, David Arquette and Rose McGowan. While this horror lover will be in attendance to meet the stars of her favorite horror film, you may attend to meet the stars of Scooby Doo, Never Been Kissed and Charmed. You might attend to meet Peter Criss, a member of your favorite rock band Kiss or maybe you will attend to meet Danielle Harris from Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead and Wish Upon a Star. The point is, Texas Frightmare may be filled with horror fans and guests, and you may run into a few people in some awesomely terrifying costumes, but it is all worth it for the experience of meeting your favorite actors, actresses, writers, musicians and directors. You may walk into the convention afraid of the things you might see but you will walk out with a smile on your face, an autograph in your hand and memories that will last forever.



I was lucky enough to attend TFW last year for Neve Campbell and Skeet Ulrich’s first convention. Not only did I get to meet them, but I met stars from Twin Peaks, Trick r Treat, The Craft, Childs Play, You’re Next, Phantasm, The Shining and so many more classics. I was able to meet up with my best friend who lives in Austin and we had an amazing weekend soaking up all Texas Frightmare had to offer. I can honestly say that TFW was the best convention I have ever been to. It is possible that I spent more money there than I ever have anywhere, but that just tells you how amazing the guest list and vendors at the show are. Just wait until you see the guest this for this years show, which can be found here.

With Matthew Lillard, David Arquette and Rose McGowan there, I couldn’t possibly pass it up. I will be flying in all the way from North Carolina to meet them. Now, some people might find that insane but I consider myself lucky to be able to have these experiences, experiences that you could be having.



I will there be covering the show all weekend. For those who cannot make it, you can find my photos over on Instagram and Twitter @scarletjupiter and those who have no excuses not to go, you can buy yourself a ticket and attend with me. I would move quickly on those ticket purchases though because I hear the prices will be increasing very soon.

Texas Frightmare Weekend is April 29-May 1 in Dallas

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