Believing they only have one more opportunity to kill Savage (Casper Crump) without damaging the timeline, Rip (Arthur Darvill) takes the team to London in 2166. Kendra (Ciara Renée) spots the bracelet she first died in on Savage’s daughter, which gives them a way to kill him.

I’m always dreading having to watch Legends of Tomorrow. At 5 to 8 every Thursday the sounds of my roommates chatting and laughing in the living room follow me as I walk upstairs and close the door to my room. It’s a sad time. But the last few weeks, I’ve felt the same way beforehand out of habit, I’ve actually enjoyed watching Legends of Tomorrow. This week, however, I’ve been let down.

There’s too much talk about Savage this time around. He’s an awful villain. There is no motivation behind him or for him. I’m not going to go on about this because I ranted pretty badly about it last week. But with the focus shifted once more to defeating Savage, the episode drags. There’s more talk among the team about him. Savage is rarely on camera and he rarely does much or says much. His character is not fully formed and therefore can’t pull his weight as the evil force driving the heroes.

The other big offender this week is the continual use of time travel as a plot point. “Leviathan” is very discombobulated and seems to follow none of the loosely created rules from the rest of the season. I’ve ranted about this before but I feel I need to say it again. If you create the rules as you go along, there is almost no way for it to be a cohesive show. Instead, your episodes will be riddled with plot holes and confusion.

The other minor issues I had were the side plots with Kendra (Renée) and with Professor Stein (Victor Garber) and Jax (Franz Drameh). They are so unoriginal and played out. Kendra keeps thinking about, talking about, and flashing back about Carter (Falk Hentschel) while assuring Sara, (Caity Lotz) who we should have seen more of by the way, that Ray (Brandon Routh) is her future. It’s like they’re just trying to stir up relationship drama because they needed to beef up a storyline. It’s lazy because we have been dealing with this for weeks now. With Carter coming back without his memories, we have a lot of superficial drama in Legends‘ immediate future and I am not on board.

Then Professor Stein and Jax are all about the refugees. Which isn’t why I’m annoyed, let me be clear. It’s just so empty and fake. It might be because I have not been a fan of Firestorm since the beginning. It feels like fluff to show their soft sides and it’s unnecessary.

Snart (Wentworth Miller), however, shines once more. He is so amazing. But, seriously, his capture, interrogation, and conversion of Savage’s daughter, Cassandra (Jessica Sipos) is awesome. It’s believable and well done and by far the most interesting part of this whole episode.

I am not impressed with “Leviathan” and disappointed with Legends of Tomorrow this week. This is supposed to be the last ditch effort or else. What that else is I’m not sure. But instead of killing Savage, they kidnap him and so I guess they have more time now. The show dips back into a fuzzy area of loose, lazy storylines with little structure. “Leviathan” really didn’t have a chance.

Rating: 3 out of 10

Marley Ghizzone is the current music editor and former Breaking News Editor for The Pop Break. Aside from writing news, Marley reviews television shows and the odd film. Pop culture is her drug of choice and her talents include binge watching entire seasons of TV shows obsessively fast and crying over fictional characters. Marley is a graduate of Rowan University. Follow her on twitter: @marleyveee