Written by Tommy Tracy


NXT April 27, 2016

-I’ve been away for a few and wow, was it great to get back in the swing of things for NXT. From what I’ve read, I missed an epic show last week. This past weekend, Samoa Joe ended Finn Balor’s historic 292-reign as champion at a house show (hoping for a RAW call-up) and Zack Ryder was relegated back to NXT. So here we go.

Asuka opens the show (looking great with that belt around her waist) against Eva Marie. I keep saying Eva has improved but she looked off here, thus making Asuka look off. Easy win for Asuka and a stare down between her and Nia Jax.

The Revival win a squash match. ‘Nuff said.

The Hype Bros. make a return (?) and defeat an Alexa Bliss-less Blake and Murphy. After the win, the Bros. are beat down by the Revival. Side note: I think the Kool-Aid man sings the Revival’s music.

-Speaking of music, Aliyah may have the most obnoxious and disgusting sounding entrance music since the Right to Censor. Anyway, she goes down to Carmella.

-Finally, Nakamura takes on Elias Samson and I’m just going to flat out say it: I liked Samson here. He was a beast in this match and both he and Nakamura looked strong. Nakamura, of course, wins but Samson, I finally have something positive to say about you.

-Pretty good NXT. I’m interested in what happens now that Joe is champ and who his first challenger will be. My heart wants a Triple Threat between Joe, Nakamura and Austin Aries.

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