TV Recap: Mike & Molly Series Finale

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Mike & Molly Series Finale Plot Summary:

Mike (Billy Gardell) and Molly (Melissa McCarthy) go to ridiculous lengths to make their dream of adopting a child come true — including listening to a psychic and burying a religious medal in their backyard. When they get the good news they will be parents, the baby comes early and the entire Flynn and Biggs crew head to the hospital, and do what the do best – be dysfunctional.

The series finale of Mike & Molly was about as unoriginal, and uncreative as you could get. Storylines were shoehorned in for a happy ending. Jokes missed the mark. Every tried and true TV trope was thrown in to tug at the heartstrings.

And yet, it totally and unabashedly worked.

Mike & Molly was never the most original, and creative sitcom. Sure, the concept of two “overweight” people falling in love was novel for a sitcom, but at its core, this show was something we’ve a million times.

But who was watching this show for it’s groundbreaking storytelling?

Audiences tuned in because of the electric and undeniable chemistry between Gardell and McCarthy, and the absurd antics of the supporting cast. Yes, the series was spiked with bad Chuck Lorre fueled sexual crudeness, and it often recycled storylines, but we could forgive all of that because this series always gave you a couple of good belly laughs, and a warm, fuzzy feeling. The love that exuded here between all the characters was about as real, and genuine as you can get. We all could relate to the crazy in-laws, the quirky friends, and the trials and tribulations of love and romance.

And that’s why the ending was perfect.

Despite, a terrible season premiere, and the fact they recycled the series finale plot of King of Queens, the series finale reminded us that series was all about the imperfections of the ones you loved, and how love, no matter how frustrating, random, and strange truly is what matters most.

So, that’s why watching Gardell and McCarthy sing the theme song of the series — something that should’ve been revolting saccharine and lame, came off as one of the sweetest moments in the series, and the right final moments. It left you with an “aww” moment in your heart, and maybe even a little tear in your eye (especially for all the parents in the audience).

So, while the series finale of Mike & Molly didn’t break any new ground, it certainly left you with a smile on your face, and a fond memory that this was a damn good television series.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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