The Week

Seth Rollins is back. We are happy.

However, last week on RAW we were not happy. He pulled a Jericho. Came out to confront Reigns, tromping and stomping all over the stage and ringside area, but never got into the ring. He held a mic. But did not use it. Made three, four feints of going for Reigns, but nothing happened. It was a bummer.

It did accomplish one important thing. Despite our love of seeing Seth Rollins in the ring and putting on a five-star match, we are reminded of how much his character is a complete jerk and self-absorbed arrogant human being. His character is not one to placate fans, his character to be hurtful and outright disgusting in terms of tactics. This is Seth Rollins. I feel the majority of fans had hopes for a more appealing sort, but consider who he is up against. Roman Reigns, former Shield brother, but this is “The Guy” who is WWE Champion, and might have taken the #1 position for being the most hated by the “WWE Universe” even more than John Cena.

Speaking of whom, he was the victim of a recent bum rushing by The Club, officially consisting of Gallows, Anderson, and AJ Styles, following the collective attack on Cena. It sounded like a torn crowd. On the one hand, “Yay! Cena got beat up by AJ Styles!” on the other hand it is “Aw man, Styles is a heel?” To the latter, I say, “so what?” There have been countless wrestlers booked characteristically as heels, yet we cheer them anyway.

After Money in the Bank, we will witness the return of the Brand Split, and the WWE Draft. Which means, like in years past, rosters will be switched, champions staffed to one show, and most importantly, Tag Teams can, and will be split.

I am telling you now. If The New Day splits, all hell will break loose. My money is on the Usos splitting up. They have gone as far as they can as a team, perhaps they might find some success as singles wrestlers. I hope the Social Outcasts get broken up. I hope Michael Cole gets drafted to SmackDown.

The last item for today, is TNA. I found a channel on my FiOS package which airs it, something called PopTV or something similar. I watched the most bizarre video segment between Matt and Jeff Hardy, or Brother Nero and Boogie Woogie Man. This was by far the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. Both Hardy brothers have lost their minds, and TNA is letting them do whatever they want. They are enablers. TNA is allowing these guys who just can’t seem to get their act together and run the show. Comparable cliché time, “The inmates run the asylum.”