Written by Mark Henely


Talk is Jericho – EP254 Brian Gerwitz

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On this episode, Brian Gerwitz discusses how he went from being an outsider in the wrestling business to head writer and the torture and glory that goes with that. There is a story about how Gerwitz handled going to “wrestler’s court” that illustrates the battle for acceptance that Gerwitz had to endure to stay alive in the WWE. But, the best parts are when Jericho and Gerwitz discuss the stranger things that Gerwitz was involved in (ex: WWE Musical Chairs and the unmade Eugene: The Movie).

Art of Wrestling – EP305 Kongo Kong

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There is a long history of racially insensitive stereotypes in wrestling. In recent years, the business has moved away from it, but, there are still a few hold overs of a previous era running around. So, the question is, in the year 2016, is there still room for Kongo Kong, a savage from Africa? Steve Wilson, the man who plays Kong, thinks there is. Host, Colt Cabana, and Wilson discuss how to play an African Savage without Wilson compromising his self-respect and how he got himself into this situation. It’s a very interesting conversation about race and wrestling between a host and interviewee who are both smart enough to really dive deep into the conversation.

The Ross Report – EP121 Chris DeJoseph

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The problem with the Ross Report is that Jim Ross usually doesn’t seem to care about his interview subject. But, this week, Ross was very excited to talk to former WWE writer and co-Executive Producer of Lucha Underground, Chris DeJoseph. Ross and DeJoseph share a genuine passion for the Lucha Underground product that is infectious. This is a fun listen that will have listeners scrambling to find out what all the fuss is about Lucha Underground.

Talk is Jericho – EP255 Speewee

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This is easily the craziest episode of Talk is Jericho ever. Jericho has on real life friend, Speewee, to discuss masturbating, porn, and just generally being a weirdo. Talk is Jericho is usually a very focused show that features talented performers discussing their craft, but this episode is a character study on a filterless oddity (in the tradition of Git ‘Em Steve-Dave from Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave). This is definitely compelling audio (and pretty good) podcasting, but it is very different from the standard fare.

The Steve Austin Show Unleashed! – EP332 Robbie Knievel

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It’s sort of bizarre that the legend of Evel Knievel looms so large that, decades later, Austin can have Evel’s son, Robbie, on the podcast and get a compelling interview out of him. It’s clear that Austin is an Evel Knievel nerd who seems to know the man’s life story inside and out. Robbie is a charming enough guest and this turns out to be a pleasant episode.

The Steve Austin Show – EP 331 Cowboy Johnny Mantell Returns

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Austin once again has the curator of the wrestling Hall of Fame on to discuss his career and complain about modern wrestling. Boring sequel to a boring episode.

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