Bold Box Office Predictions: It’s All About the Pets


Notable Openings This Weekend: The Secret Life of Pets, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

As a New England Patriots fan, it pains me to make this analogy, but unfortunately it’s all too appropriate.  The Legend of Tarzan making almost $47 Million over the four-day weekend is akin to David Tyree of the Giants making that stupid catch with his helmet – miraculous.  This movie was dead in the water.  To be fair, we aren’t talking about a massive opening relative to its budget, but the fact this didn’t completely and utterly implode is a resounding victory for Warner Brothers.  The buzz was nonexistent.  The reviews sucked.  I guess it took advantage of a putrid weekend with Independence Day: Resurgence having no residual effect the previous week, but this was still an upset.  Well, whoopty doo for Tarzan.  I’ve spent way too many words then I ever thought possible talking about Yawn-zan, so we’re moving on.  There’s not a whole lot of mystery to this weekend, so let’s just get to the damn pets.

secret life of pets poster

I feel like The Secret Life of Pets has been shoved in my face for five years.  Every time this trailer plays, it gets a huge reaction.  Dogs might be more popular than the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  With Finding Dory finally subsiding, the timing is right for the next summer kids’ movie.  This is a guaranteed lock to open huge, and if anything, I’ll probably end up low balling it.

To counter the kiddie programming, we got the obligatory raunch-fest.  Much like Pets, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates also gets a good response.  Even someone like me who has a vendetta against comedies the last few years, I even got a few chuckles.  Comedies have been all over the place this year.  Central Intelligence (ugh) was a huge success, but Popstar and Keanu were bombs.  Then you have a bunch of middle of the road successes like The Boss and Neighbors 2.  The reviews for this are smack dab in the middle, so who knows.  This should fall into the “It will do fine” category.


I’m not going over board, but I wouldn’t be shocked if The Secret Life of Pets cracked $100 Million.  I said it would be the #4 hit of the summer, and I stand by that.  It will be a 1-2 animation punch this weekend.

1.The Secret Life of Pets – $84 Million

2. Finding Dory – $23 Million

3. The Legend of Tarzan – $20 Million

4. The Purge: Election Year – $18 Million

5. Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates – $16.5 Million

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