Photo Credit: FX
Photo Credit: FX
Photo Credit. Guy D'Alama/FX Network
Photo Credit. Guy D’Alama/FX Network

Season seven of Archer has just wrapped up and we are looking forward to a very trippy eight in the near future. We know there are a lot of changes to expect from the team but the core characters will remain relatively intact, including office lunatics Pam Poovey and Cheryl Tunt. We got a chance to sit down with the voices behind the characters, Judy Greer and Amber Nash. Beyond Archer, Greer is known for her roles in Ant-Man, Jurrasic World, and the hit TV show Married.

Below are the questions the roundtable interviewers asked Greer and Nash, and the timestamps which they gave they answers:

Question #1: “Do you always record solo?”

Answer: 0:06

Question #2: “You gotta give us a little spoiler. Are we gonna get a new name for Cheryl, Carol, Cherlene. We haven’t had a new name in a while.”

Answer: 0:19

Question #3: “Do you have a favorite version of Pam? You’ve got the coked out version and there’s the more normal personally.”

Answer: 1:26


This video was recorded by Al Mannarino and Ryan Demarco, with editing by Erin Mathis. Question transcription was written by Matt Kelly

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